What's in Our Finals Bag, for All Success and No Stress (ft. just. a period)

Get in, loser, it's finals season. ​

We've got your ultimate breakdown of everything you need to pack in your backpack to feel all the success and none of the stress.

  1. 1. Snacks for in Between Tests

    Quick maths? Quick snacks. Stock up your bag with snacks that are easy to eat on-the-go, and maybe even some that are easy to munch on in between the multiple-choice and essay section.

    BTW, did you see our guide to grab-and-go snacks? It's the perfect inspo, just don't read it while hangry.

  2. 2. Notecards, Notebooks, Notes of Some Sort

    We know that you know that you don't know that one morsel of information you studied endlessly and just couldn't get it in your head. Pro Tip: pack a sheet of small notes with tidbits like that one that you can look at right before the exam starts, then write that information somewhere on the test. Your A+ in the bag.

  3. 3. Tampons, Pads, You Name It

    Unprepared for the short answer section? Not cute. Unprepared for that familiar feeling while taking the test? Even less cute. Throw a couple of tampons, pads, or period products of your choice in your bag, no matter what week it is in your cycle. Who knows, you could save the pair of pants next to you.

    Speaking of tampons, Just. a Period's tampons are dye, fragrance, and chlorine-free, so you can trust what you're putting "up there," if you know what we mean. Just. a Period is on a mission to simplify periods for everyone, so no more dealing with family-planning-aisle-drama. Seriously, it's just a period. You can check out their products @just_periods on Instagram or at justperiods.com/en-us.

  4. 4. Lip Balm (Because No One Wants Cracked Lips This Winter)

    Dry, cracked lips are a notorious day-ruiner. There ar few things worse than sitting in class or taking a final with lips as dry as the sahara desert, so make sure you have a trusty lip balm with you at all times. We recommend any brand that includes clean ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil for an extra, natural boost of hydration.

  5. 5. Tissues (for Crying)

    Listen, we get it. Finals are hard. Make sure you have a pack of tissues with you this finals season so you'll be fully prepared in case of any snafus, including but not limited to the "oh my god what do you MEAN it's not multiple choice?!" panic sessions.

  6. 6. A 'Go' Bag

    "What's a 'go' bag?" 

    Well, a 'go' bag is a little pouch that you carry around with you that has all the essentials. (Like, all the essentials.) Lip balm, setting powder, any period products, hand lotion/ sanitizer... you name it — this bag will have everything you'll need should any emergency occur.

    Are we really asking you to put a bag inside of your bag? Yes, yes we are.

These items are by no means fun or glamorous, but let's be real: finals aren't fun or glamorous either. With the help of these essential items, you can ensure that your finals season will be stress and mess free. 

Success? Check.

Stress? Hell no.