What to Pack on an Airport Carry-On

Let's get this straight ladies… This. Is. Your. Carry-on. I’ve been guilty and also witnessed people who try to pack carry-on bags like cabin bunkers and just barely get away with the height and weight requirement. Yes, you should be mildly prepared in case your main luggage gets lost but save yourself from shoulder pain with this simple list of things to pack. This list is under the assumption that your airline is allowing one bag (24in x 14in x 9in) and a small item such as a purse.

For the main bag

1. Comfy T-shirts


Pack this one just so everyone knows to leave you alone. An absolute must for overnight flights! It is also important to have two incase your luggage does get lost.

2. Leggings

Once again, comfort is everything.

3. Sweatpants

Airplane seats are never the comfiest unless you’ve upgraded. Sweatpants will add both cushion and warmth to your flight!

4. Fuzzy Socks

When flights have their A/C on max, that complementary blanket can only do so much for you. Save yourself from freezing and cover up your feet!

5. Makeup Bag

Remember all of the liquids must be in a clear bag. Aside from that, I don’t advise wearing makeup unless it’s a short flight. If you opt to wear some, have it on you incase touch ups are necessary upon arrival or you’re meeting someone special!

6. TSA Size-Approved Toiletries

Go easy, you’re only allowed liquids under 100ml and you get a very small bag to do so. Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, body wash and face wash. That’s all you realistically need.


For your small item

1. Passport and Boarding Pass

I don’t why you would ever go to the airport without this document but make sure it is the FIRST item you pack. I even bring mine on domestic flights because you never know what could happen!

2. Pens

You’ll need these. It’ll save you time in line for international flights but regardless their will always be some reason to use a pen, so you don’t have to borrow one from other people.

3. Phone/Laptop

Keep them on airplane mode of course but feel free to download books and movies to aid you through the journey!

4. All electronic chargers

Eventually your phone or laptop will die and for some reason, it feels like they die faster when it’s actually necessary so come prepared with your original chargers as well as portables!

5. Melatonin

If you hate flying this might calm your nerves a bit. Whether you just want a lower, more relaxed heart rate or you want to be knock out, this’ll do it. Bonus - you can get it over the counter.

6. Tissues

You never know if you're going to run out of toilet paper somewhere or the sniffles overtake you in the cold A/C. It can never hurt to bring a small pouch.


Keep calm and carry on.