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What Feminism and HC Hofstra Means to Me

I’ll admit it: I felt lost for most of my freshman year, and I struggled with the fear of feeling this again before coming back. I came into this semester wanting to cement my place at Hofstra University. I wanted to do as much as I could to get more involved on campus and to use my voice to the best of my ability. I learned about HerCampus last semester, but I let my own criticism of my writing stand in the way of applying. With a little newly found confidence and the press of the button, I submitted my application to join the group within the first few weeks of being back on campus. When I found out a short time later that I had been accepted, I was overjoyed. 

I’ve had a love for writing for most of my life, and this only grew when I took my first screenwriting class last semester. However, there wasn’t a way for me to constantly be in writing classes with the major and minor that I have decided to study. I’ve thought about starting my own blog before, and I still might one day, but HerCampus offered an opportunity to write about the things I’m passionate about and have it seen by a wider audience than I would be able to reach on my own. While there are guidelines that the articles and their subject matters have to follow, there is so much freedom given to the editorial staff. This past semester, I was able to write a handful of articles that I am incredibly proud of. I don’t believe that I would have been able to accomplish all that I have since joining HerCampus Hofstra if it wasn’t for the incredible support system that exists within the group.

This semester has equally been the hardest and the most rewarding. The growth that I, and many others have seen within myself, is thanks in part to being a part of HerCampus. From the second I walked in during my very first meeting, I felt welcomed. There was no sense of superiority based on how long someone had been a part of the team or what part they play within it. Our incredible E-Board made themselves available at any time to answer any questions. Throughout my time with HerCampus, I’ve never felt left out or behind. Everyone wants to see everyone reach their full potential and make themselves available to help out in any way possible. 

I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet so many amazing people that I may not have in my life if it wasn’t for HerCampus. On top of this, the bonding events and bi-weekly meetings have allowed me to strengthen some of the friendships I already had with people I knew prior to joining. There is so much love within the group. Having the incredible group of women who are constantly praising and being there for one another is an asset I’m so thankful for. These feelings do not just apply to me. For Hofstra’s annual #DayinthePride, the HerCampus Hofstra Twitter page was full of quotes from a number of our members about why they love being a part of the team. Knowing that every person involved in HerCampus is getting just as much out of it as I am makes me so excited to continue to be a part of it and to encourage anyone interested in joining to apply.

Becoming a member of the HerCampus Hofstra team was one of the greatest things I’ve done this semester. I’m so glad to have every member of this team in my life, and I’m constantly being inspired by them all. I can’t wait to see what else I, and the rest of the HerCampus team, are able to accomplish.



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