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Wear it Wednesday: Fall Hat

Fall is the perfect season for wearing cute hats. In the summer, you risk getting sweaty hat hair and in the winter, you need to prioritize warmth over style. Fall is the only time where you can wear an adorable hat just for the fun of it. When looking for the perfect fall hat, go for a neutral color to get the most wears out of it. A basic black, brown or gray hat will go with many different outfits and allow you to mix up your looks.

Find some fall hat inspiration below!

Typical Fall Look

This is a standard, trendy fall look. Grab a pair of skinney jeans, cute flats, a basic tshirt and a cardigan and you’re good to go. Adding a hat amps up your style and makes you look even more put together. 


Dress Things Up

Hats can look really chic, especially when paired with a great pair of ankle booties and black jeans or leather pants. This look can be transformed for more than just your casual outing. It’s all about versitility – nothing is more important to us busy girls. Put on a hat with your favorite sweater for a comfy, yet sophisitated look. 


Be Girly

You’re not limited to just wearing your hats with jeans. How cute is this girly look? Take advantage of the skirt and stocking weather that comes with autumn. A hat looks adorable with an oversized sweater and mini skirt. This outfit is super easy to pull together, even though it looks complicated. If you’re running late for class and need a cute outfit fast, consider this option. Added perk: the hat hides your bed-head or dirty hair. 


Cool Girl Vibes

Rock the cool girl vibe with an all black ensemble or just pairing together dark colors. There’s nothing girly about this outfit, just all style. A button down shirt, boots, jeans and a fedora is a classic, cool, fall outfit. Anyone wearing a look like this gives off the impression of being fashion-forward.

Jessica is the Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief of Hofstra University's Her Campus Chapter. Jessica, from New Jersey, is a journalism major and psychology minor at Hofstra University. As a dedicated member of her college's Her Campus chapter since her freshman year, she has held the role of staff writer, Snapshot editor, Secretary and now CC. Outside of Her Campus, Jessica's publications include JeannineMorris.com, TheCelebrityCafe.com, FashionWeek.com, The Hofstra Chronicle and the Long Island Report, where she is also a student editor. In her spare time Jessica enjoys being outdoors, camping and hiking, snowboarding in the winter, hitting the Jersey Shore beaches in the summer, working out and spending time with her friends, family, and pets. Check out her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog at http://Jessie-Leigh.com.
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