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We NEED to Talk About the Husbands on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

If you’re a fan of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise, you know that the Beverly Hills ladies are the best (and bougiest) of the bunch. From dinner soirees in their Hollywood Hills mansions (ahem— “WELCOME TO DORIT’S BUDDHA LOUNGE!”)  to shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive, there’s no shortage of luxury and drama (and FOMO— have you seen their closets??).

But we’re not here to talk about the housewives— we’re here to talk about the real excitement of the show: the husbands.

As two super fans and super experts, HC Hofstra’s President (Sarah) and Vice President (Abby) are here to break down everything you need to know about your favorite Beverly Hills hubbies, convo-style.

Househusband: Mauricio Umansky

Housewife: Kyle Richards

Mauricio Umansky is a 42-year old luxury real estate agent from Mexico (which explains why his home with Kyle is all the goals). He’s been married to Kyle for 22 years (#aww) and they have three kids together.

Abby: Mauricio UMANsky, am I right ladies?

Sarah: This is why we can’t get anything done. But, it’s the truth.  Mauricio is one of the most chill husbands though. He never gets involved in the drama.

A: He just chills in the background, selling multi-million dollar mansion. NBD.

S: Kyle is one of the more civilized housewives, so I feel like Mauricio follows suit. He’s pretty great.

Househusband: Ken Todd

Housewife: Lisa Vanderpump

Ken Todd is most well known for his restaurants scattered throughout California. He’s been married to LVP since 1982 and they have two kids (and practically a whole zoo of animals) together. From swans to miniature horses to lots of dogs, Villa Rosa (the name of their residence, ikr?) is never dull.

A: I feel like Ken lowkey looks like every single one of their pets.

S : Honestly he does, and they have a lot of pets (looking @ you, Hanky & Panky).

A: It’s the hair. Unlike Mauricio, Ken immerses himself in the drama.

S : Well, Vanderpump is no stranger to spilling the tea, and she expects her man to stick up for her (don’t we all, though??)

A: Vanderpump def wears the pants in the marriage.

S: As it should be.

Househusband: HARRY HAMLIN

Housewife: Lisa Rinna

A true American Icon: Harry Hamlin has starred in a number of movies and TV shows, from Clash of the Titans to L.A. Law (if that means anything to you, because we’ve never heard of it). He’s been married to Rinna for 21 years and they have two daughters (who are working on becoming the next Gigi and Bella Hadid— heyyyyyy, Yolanda, miss you boo).

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S: It’s a rule that Rinna can never call her husband by just his first name – it’s always “Harry Hamlin”.

A: It just rolls off the tongue, kinda like wine and cheese— enjoyable apart, but better together.

S: Harry Hamlin deserves all the praise for dealing with Rinna; even though we love her, she always seems to get herself into trouble because she can’t control what comes outta those lips.

A: Like with Kim Richards, Kyle’s sister and housewife alum. Still not over that he ran into Kyle while hiking and said to her, “What are we going to do about your sister?” SAVAGE.

S: But honestly though, doesn’t Harry Hamlin have better things to do than get involved in his wife’s drama?

A: I don’t even know why he’s famous?

S: Well he was on Dancing With the Stars, so there’s your answer.

A: It’s called Dancing With the STARS, not Dancing With Harry Hamlin.

S: Not gonna lie, that’s a show that I would watch.

A: He looks like he got moves.

S: I’m sure Rinna will agree.

Househusband: Tom Girardi

Housewife: Erika (Jayne) Girardi

Tom Girardi is a successful lawyer at Girardi & Keese, a law firm based in LA. One of his cases was the inspiration for the movie Erin Brockovich (read more on that here). He’s been married to Erika Jayne since 1999.

A: Ah, the elusive one with the private jet.

S: So obviously Erika Jayne is everyone’s favorite housewife, which means Tom is automatically everyone’s favorite househusband. I mean, have you seen how successful this guy is?

A: Is that how it works?

S: Yes.

A: He’s mysterious.

S: Clearly Tom has better things to do than galavant around Beverly Hills and get involved in the endless drama, and that makes me like him even more.

A: Agreed. And if Erika loves, then so do I.

S: Preach it, girl.

Househusband: PK 

Housewife: Dorit Kemsley

Paul Kemsley (PK for short) has been married to Dorit since 2015. He’s an English property developer and the Chairman of the New York Cosmos (for those of you who follow sports). Boy George also lives in their house occasionally, but it’s unconfirmed why.

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S: We all have ~thoughts~ about Dorit, but like we said, we’re here to talk about the hubbies, not the wives. But like Dorit, PK really knows how to grind my gears.

A: As a refresher, he went after Erika last season about Pantygate.

S: Anyone who comes after Erika is already not on my good side.

A: His only redeeming quality is Dorit’s Buddha Lounge.

S: Dorit’s Buddha Lounge was the highlight of my life. I need one.

A: Welcome to Sarah’s Buddha Lounge just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Sorry, bud.

S: I don’t think I asked for your opinion.


S: ANYWAY, I think we can all agree PK deserves a medal for putting up with Dorit’s nonsense.

A: Yes, but then take that medal away because he’s just as annoying.

S: I can get behind that.

Househusband: Edwin Arroyave

Housewife: Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave

Edwin is the CEO of of a security management system licensed in 30 US states (so you probably don’t want to try to break into their house). He and Teddi have been together for nine years and they’re raising three kids (two of their own and one from Edwin’s previous relationship).

S: HELLO EDWIN. Teddi is new to RHOBH this season, and she’s already starting to become one of my favorites because girlfriend keeps it real— and her husband does, too.

A: He’s kinda like Mauricio. I can see them both just chilling in a backyard by a grill with a couple of beers.

S: Honestly same, and I’m not mad at it. Time will tell if Edwin really stands out, but so far so good.

Tune into Bravo on Tuesdays at 9/8c to keep up with the Real Housewives (and Househusbands) of Beverly Hills.

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Abby is a senior journalism major and writing studies minor at Hofstra University. At Her Campus Hofstra, she previously held the positions of Vice President and Social Media Director before becoming co-Campus Correspondent. Abby was a social media intern at BeautyRx, a skin care company based in Manhattan, and an editorial intern at Skincare.com, which is owned and operated by L'Oréal Paris.
Sarah Hanlon is a senior at Hofstra University where she is pursuing a major in journalism. She almost always has an iced coffee in her hand, and she's an avid lover of online shopping, reality TV, and New York City. When she’s not researching all things Kate Middleton or reading lifestyle blogs, you can find her binge watching The Bachelor or writing about the latest pop culture, fashion and beauty trends. After college, she hopes to make a career out of her love for TV and style in New York. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram: sarahhanlon_.