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Tune-In Tuesday: Spring Party

It’s spring, finally! No more cold, no more snow, just the sun (hopefully) and some motivation to get through the rest of the school year!


Spring break has passed, but who says you can’t still feel like you want to party and let loose as you reach the home stretch? Here are some songs to help you get through the rest of your semester!


1)   Good Girls Go Bad, Cobra Starship: This song never gets old. It’s definitely a little risky, turning a good girl bad? Woah! But it also means showing a side that’s different from the you at school; you’re allowed to get a little wild (but be safe!)

2)   Great Escape, Boys Like Girls: Such a great song for forgetting all your troubles and leaving everything behind. This song can make you feel free, like you want to run away. Go ahead and make that great escape!

3)   Up All Night, One Direction: This hit from the boys’ first album is a relatable tune that makes you want to party. It’s a good feeling when you want to “jump around until you see the sun.” You can sleep during the day, that’s basically what you were going to do anyway.

4)   Last Friday Night, Katy Perry: Throw the party of the year! Okay maybe not the year, but the party of your last few weeks! These weeks  are what you want them to be. Make sure your Friday night is something that you find fun and is something you want to do. You would want to do it all again, just like Katy Perry did.

5)   I’m Sexy and I Know It, LMFAO: Their songs in general are meant for partying. This one in particular makes you laugh while feeling good about yourself (you also have to wiggle, so that’s pretty funny). Just picture that LMFAO crew in speedos dancing to this song and you’ll be set on laughs and dancing for the night.

6)   Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen: This song came out during the spring of 2012. Every time I hear it I immediately go back to thinking about warm weather and good vibes. Dancing with your girls to this song is something definitely worth doing.

7)   Here’s To Never Growing Up, Avril Lavigne: This song reminds me of summer because it came out when I graduated high school. It makes you want to be a crazy teenager without the fear of growing up. Along with growing up comes responsibility, but you can always be a kid at heart.

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