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Tune-In Tuesday: Shut Up And Dance

Let’s talk about a song that’s been sweeping the nation. My suitemate played this song for me one day, and my roommate played it the next day. I had no idea what it was, but I automatically fell in love with it. It’s a new song by the band Walk the Moon called “Shut Up And Dance.”

This indie rock band started up back in 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio and released their first official album in 2012 (so I’d say they’re fairly new).The new hit song is from their album Talking is Hard, which is funny because their single is literally saying “shut up,” meaning no talking.

Before I knew it, I was hearing this song on the radio and on TV. It has become number 10 in the top songs on iTunes and I’m pretty sure girls’ hearts are melting everywhere.

It doesn’t matter if you met the love of your life or if you’re single like a Pringle (yes, I referred to food in a singles comment). This song makes you want to just dance. Grab your girlfriends, your significant other, or just get out there on the dance floor yourself.

This song makes you want to learn how to dance. It also makes you want to look silly…it personally makes me want to scream the lyrics louder than the radio is playing it and jump up and down.

No matter what the occasion, play this song. It’ll get some good vibrations going for the day!

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