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Tune-In Tuesday: Hideaway by Daya

When I hear the song “Hide Away” by Daya, it makes me want to hide away for days just so I could listen to it in peace.  This is the song I have been putting on repeat everyday. This is the song that I will tune everyone out to with my earphones.

I feel like this song is very relatable. We are searching for that one boy who won’t hurt us. We feel like we deserve a good guy. We are beautiful, strong, intelligent and sweet people. Where is the one guy that’s going to realize that? I know I’m still looking! Maybe there’s some on a hidden island or something…

All I know is that Daya, one of the new and young artists of today, is really awesome. This song is original. She has a good mix of pitch, low to high. The beat isn’t too slow, but not super fast. I say it’s a good song to close your eyes and daydream about. Maybe dream about some of those “perfect guys.” But don’t worry, my lovely ladies. Your prince charming will arrive. Some man is going to realize how wonderful you really are, and Daya’s song is going to become almost irrelevant. Maybe you can spill the secret of where the good boys go to hide away!


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