Tuesday Ten: Fashion Week 2013 Trends


  1. Black and White

This trend was seen all over the runway this year. Most designers focused on striped, checkerboard, and other printed designs to showcase this trend.


  1. Cut-Out Pieces

Cutouts were popular in many dresses and tops on the runway this year. They are usually on the sides, the back, or a deep cut on the neckline of the pieces.


  1. Stripes!

Marc Jacobs really showcased this look in his show at New York Fashion Week with jails-striped suits. While this full striped look might seem like a bit much, it is just as trendy to focus stripes on either the top or bottom of an outfit.


  1. Leather (or faux-leather)

Leather is everywhere right now and no longer just meant for cyclists and rock stars! There are tons of leather leggings, pants, skirts, and even dresses that make any outfit look edgier.


  1. Beading and Embellishments

Beautiful beading and embellishments were runway favorites, making clothing look more like wearable art than anything. Try a beaded blouse to rock the runway trend this season.


  1. Bold, Neon Color-Blocking

Electric colors were showcased in a number of designer’s shows. If the trend is a little scary to you, try color blocking the bright colors with a pop of cobalt blue or electric yellow and keep the rest of your ensemble neutral.


  1. Peaks of Lace

Boudoir inspired shirts and dresses are trendy right now, as long as you keep them simple. Sheer lace is classy in pieces of outfits, as long as you don’t show off too much!


  1. Ladylike Handbags

There is nothing more ladylike than a boxy handbag with a small handle dangling from your arm.


  1. White Tuxedo Jackets

The black blazer has always been a staple in every workingwoman’s closet, but now the white tuxedo jacket is making a scene! Pick a simple long, white blazer and pair it with black pants for an office look and jeans for a weekend look!


  1.  Globetrotter Looks

Oriental patterns and tribal prints are making a big name for themselves this year on the runway. Try a more global look to not only appear well traveled but to also be the most fashion-forward.