Top 6 “Undiscovered” Artists: Coachella 2015

One of the largest, most popular music festivals in the United States is Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Last year, Coachella managed to sell out both of their show weekends with an attendance of 96,500 per day, totaling 579,000 people and a gross of $78,332,000, according to numbers reported to Billboard Boxscore. Coachella is known for featuring well known artists, such as Drake and DJ Snake, but they also have a good reputation of bringing less popular artists into the limelight. As the first weekend of Coachella comes to a close and the second weekend quickly approaches, here is a list of a few “undiscovered” artists that you may want to look out for at this year’s music festival:

1. Alvin Risk

Alvin Risk, aka Marcio Alvarado, is not only an upcoming DJ, but also a music producer and singer. He has released music with a few record labels, including OWSLA, Dim Mak, and Ministry of Sound. On Soundcloud, his highest played song is “Fun. Ft Janelle Monae – We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix) with close to 891,000 hits. His music is upbeat, fun and great to listen to on your wild nights out!

For access to Risk’s music and videos, you can visit his website here.

2. Coasts

Coasts is the name of an English rock band that was formed in 2011, but didn’t get much media attention until 2013. The group consists of five members and has a pretty unique sound. Chris Caines is their vocalist, Liam Willford plays the guitar, James Gamage works the bass, David Goulbourn rocks out on the keyboard and Ben Street ties everything up with the drums. Their best achievement so far has had to do with their song “Oceans,” which received a ton of international attention when it was played over 40 million times on Soundcloud!

Take a listen and find out more about the band on their website here.

3. Florence + The Machine

Formed in London in 2007, Florence and the Machine is an indie-rock band that has recently gained media success. The band consists of the lead singer Florence Welch along with Isabella Summers, and a multitude of other artists. The band has been a huge success in the United Kingdom since 2009 when their debut album Lungs was released, but they are still working on gaining popularity in the United States. Their Vevo account on YouTube has 783,386 subscribers, which seems like a ton but compared to mainstream artists like Katy Perry, they still have a long way to go!

For more information about Florence and the Machine, check out their website here.

4. Jamestown Revival

Jamestown Revival is a band that was formed in 2010 by artist Jonathan Clay and his childhood friend Zach Chance. The band has received much success after its 2014 album “Utah” was named Singer/Songwriter Album of the Year by iTunes, but there hasn’t been too much chatter about them since then. Either way, Jamestown Revival will definitely be a must-see at Coachella this year!

You can find out more information on the Jamestown Revival website here.

5. Ryn Weaver

Ryn Weaver, or Erin Michelle Wüthrich as her family and closest friends know her, is an American singer in the pop genre. She gained media attention last year when her single “OctaHate” was released in June, which soon caused her to go viral. She has a great sound, but could she turn out to be a one-hit wonder? It’s hard to tell, but at only 22 years old, she’s got her whole career ahead of her!

Listen to her single “OctaHate” and a few other songs on her YouTube channel here.

6. Until The Ribbon Breaks

Until The Ribbon Breaks is a British band that was formed in 2012, which consists of a total of three members. Front-man Pete Lawrie-Winfield sings lead vocals, plays the keys, percussion, brass and guitar. James Gordon also plays the keys and percussion while singing backup and playing the bass guitar. The third member, Elliot Wall, plays the drums and also sings backup to Winfield. Their sound is an interesting mix of genres like pop, rock, hip-hop and electronic and is definitely 100 percent unique to them. They only have 3,114 subscribers on YouTube, but it’s unlikely that number will stay that low for long.

If you’re looking for a new band to love, you can catch up with UTRB on their website here.