Top 10 Creative College Party Themes


The spring semester is in full swing and that means a lot of work and a lot of stress. But, this is college and it is no secret that college life is not all work and no play, so you can kick back and enjoy a few parties every now and then. If you plan on throwing a party, you might as well give it a theme. Because let’s get real, who doesn’t love a good themed party?

1. Anything But Clothes Party

I first heard of an ABC party four years ago on MTV’s pseudo-mockumentary show “My Life as Liz.” I have been obsessed with the idea ever since. The rules are simple: you must cover the appropriate areas with objects and materials that are not clothing (Liz used balloons and went as a bunch of grapes.) Telling college kids to wear anything but clothes does run the risk of getting a little risqué, but that is what keeps life exciting, right?

2. Holiday Party

You may have heard of people celebrating “Christmas in July” but everyone has different favorite holidays, so let them express their love! By broadening the theme outside of just Christmas, you will be sure to have a house full of leprechauns, pumpkins, elves, presidents, and a ton of other creative costumes.

3. Group Costumes

No solo costumes allowed! People will have to come dressed as a duo or group. Now, I’m not talking a two-person horse costume (although, props to whoever can handle that.) I mean every 2+ people will have to put their heads together to dress as a famous group. Example: Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World or the Spice Girls.

4. Cross Dress Party

I have a feeling girls will be way more excited for this than the guys, but there is always a group of guys with great senses of humor who will not mind rocking some chick’s clothing for a night. Girls can enjoy a night off from the tight fitting clothes they usually wear out and boys will see what girls go through for a change. Picture a buff lax player, put him in a dress, and add some makeup and some alcohol. He may not look as fabulous as RuPaul but it will still be enjoyable.

5. Pajama Party

It makes me cringe when I see people wearing printed pajama pants outside of the comfort of their rooms, however, pajamas are hella comfortable and therefore ideal for a night of partying. And you know the adult sized onesies will be in abundance, which I can imagine will prove to be quite entertaining.

6. Everything But Cups Party

I mentioned an ABC party in #1, but have you ever heard of EBC parties? I hadn’t until just recently when I came across it online. Basically, if your guests want to drink, they have to find something they can drink out of that is not a normal drinking device. If they show up without something there will be no red cups provided at the door. When you look around and see people holding dog bowls and trophies, you will realize you have underestimated your classmates need to have a good time.

7. High School Cliques – “Come As You Were”

Cliques basically lose their prevalence in college. This party theme will allow people to either dress as the stereotype they once embodied, and maybe miss, or they hated and would like one last opportunity to poke a little fun at them.

8. Black Light Party

You can buy black lights from Spencer’s for only around $10 and black light paint from any local craft store. Hand out glow sticks and ask your party goers to wear white or neon clothes they do not mind ruining and let the paint fly. These parties are super simple to throw but a lot of fun.

9. Dressin’ for a Recession Party

The country is poor and so are college students so this party is perfect. Designate an amount, like $10-$15 max that an outfit can cost. (That includes accessories!) Receipts must be attached to the pieces to ensure no one cheated!

10. Toga Party

Your guests will be channeling their inner Animal House characters and will get pretty creative with their togas. Put “Shout” on (in true Animal House fashion) and get a little wild!