Thirsty Thursday: How Hofstra Girls Prep for A Night Out

If you’re a Hofstra female, you know there’s nothing better than a good Thursday night. Whether there’s a frat party on Meadowbrook you and your girls got invited to or you’re planning on spending the night at McHebes, there’s always something for you to do.

But, with all of these great nightlife options, getting ready can sometimes be a struggle. A ton of prep work is involved—hair, makeup, choosing an adorable outfit and so much more. So, to help the rest of the Hofstra community understand, I’ve compiled a quick list of what goes into a Hofstra girl’s typical Thursday night out:

1. Preparation:
By 8 PM we’re already showering, shaving, primping and prepping.

2. Having to find the perfect outfit:
The best outfits for a Thursday night around Hofstra are always a little mix of classy and trashy.

3. Attempting to put on your *real* face…
Foundation—check! Eyeliner—check! Looking like an overdone beauty queen? Pass.

4. Let’s not forget the hair!
Because, really, who has time for anything super sophisticated?

5. Inviting your girls over always goes something like this:
It’s not like you just saw them in your 12:45 PM basic communications class…

6. #Pregaming
The gif says it all.

7. No one can stop you from cranking up the music in your dorm room!
You know, unless your RA gets pissed and calls Public Safety.

8. Making sure everyone looks great before heading out the door…
Because everyone needs a little confidence boost before they go out, duh.

9. And, finally, being able to leave campus knowing you might not remember the *totally epic* night you’re about to have.
Hey, at least you’re not alone!