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Things We Forget to Thank Our Moms For

Our moms are always there for us. They never ask questions, they never complain that we call too much. Through thick and thin we know we can turn to them for anything and everything, but since they are always a constant in our lives we rarely take the time to thank them for everything that they do for us. Take the opportunity to thank them for these things and more.

Saying no- Sometimes we just need someone to put us in our place and tell us no. No to that horrendous outfit or no to those new shoes that we say we need but we don’t. She knows when to say it and usually she is right in doing so.

Telling you how it is- Along the lines of saying no we usually need someone to put us in our place. She tells you when you are not being a good friend to those around you. When you are getting a bit of an attitude with her or when you are just acting like a spoiled brat. She isn’t afraid to put you in your place and be straightforward with you.

Listening to you cry at three in the morning- Maybe you are over thinking that text your boyfriend just sent or you are worried about a big test in the morning. When no one is up you know you can count on her to pick up the phone and calm you down.

Making you laugh- When you get in a mood, sometimes you need a funny face from your mom or one of her bad jokes. It just makes the whole day better.

Being a role model- For showing us how to love and how to be there for others. She teaches you right from wrong and how to act. She is the best role model a girl can ask for.

Having amazing fashion sense- When you feel like you have no clothes the next best thing to shopping is raiding your mother’s closet and finding the perfect top or dress to wear out with the girls. This definitely deserves a thank you.

Being your escape- When your in a fight with your friends and there is no place to go she is right there. She knows what will make you happy. Maybe she will take you to your favorite restaurant or have a girl’s night with your favorite movie. She knows how to turn your frown upside down.

Loving you more- Just knowing that there is nothing you can or can’t do to make her not love you is a warming thought. She will be there through the sun and the storm and nothing will make her waver. You know with her you have a life long best friend.

Hey! I'm Marialena Rago from Philadelphia, PA. I am a junior journalism major and drama minor at Hofstra University. Alittle bit about me: I am a huge theatre fan...like crazy huge! I have my own theatre blog where I write about theatre and Broadway! If you are intrested check it out breatheinsingout.wordpress.com. I also write for a mazagine back home in South Philly where I am their theatre geek. So to say I love theatre is bit of an understatement! I have an English Bulldog named Winston who I love dearly. I am also a huge Audrey Hepburn fan! I read and write almost everyday...or I try to at least! Can't wait to get started writing for Her Campus as well! :D  
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