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TikTok has created a viral trend that may or may not test your liking for a partner.

“He is a 10, but” seems to be a common phrase in June of 2022. The real question is why? Honestly, there is no concrete answer, it is simply just another trend. So, what is the true purpose, you ask? Well, you came to the right place to learn more.

Kicking off another trendy moment on the viral platform TikTok, people are now comparing their sexual love interest to a sticky situation.

Here is how it goes…

MARG: Samantha, he is an eight, BUT, he sucks his thumb…

SAMANTHA: Oh, that’s a real deal-breaker… I say a four.

MARG: Good point!

SAMANTHA: Mar, he is a five, BUT he will never cheat on you…

MARG: I like this, BUT I prefer someone unreadable, so a two. Go red flags!

Now keep in mind, that was a fake scenario, yet it serves as a rough idea of how this “they’re a 10, but” trend is going.

It is really that plain and simple. A phrase is compiled using the gender you’re romantically interested in, followed by a number you would rate them, completed by a trait that may or may not be a turn on/ or off for a partner.

Okay? Try it out. (HE/SHE/THEY/THEM) IS A __________ (#), BUT _________________ (TRAIT OR BAD HABIT) followed by the other person response in the form of a number.

On Thursday, June 24th not only did this trend continue to skyrocket in vital interest, but now it is a filter. Creator @nikkispillowfort named the filter “10 but” and the original sound is “they’re 9, but eat raw tomatoes.” Breaking news, Nikki was not intrigued.

Now the question is, will you be hopping on this trend?

Max Coven

Hofstra '23

Max is a senior journalism major looking to break into entertainment news. He loves to discuss trending TikTok dances, social media changes, and award show season. It has always been his dream to report on live tv.
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