These Sustainable Products Will Completely Change Your Period

You’re sitting in class, or you’re at the gym, going about your day as you normally would… and then you feel it. Yes, it. You know that feeling — that “oh my god I can’t believe this is happening right now I don’t have a tampon and I’m all alone” feeling. You rush to the bathroom, and there it is: your monthly gift. Great.

We’re all aware that pads and tampons are the tried-and-true method of stopping your flow from leaking. In the past few years, though, different companies have developed some new, more sustainable methods to protect you from The Dreaded Period Stain™.

One of these products is a menstrual cup that has completely changed the game for a lot of women: The Diva Cup. Women are so in love with The Diva Cup because it’s an environmentally-friendly and easy option. 

The tampons and pads that we dispose of so regularly just get thrown into landfills that pollute our Earth, so by using The Diva Cup, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. The cup is made of BPA-free plastic, and is also free of latex and dyes, so it’s totally safe to use. Besides being easy-to-use, it is very practical for busy people because you don’t have to keep changing it every few hours, like you would with tampons and pads. You put it in when you wake up, and you’re set for the whole day. Another great thing about The Diva Cup is that it comes in different sizes (is this not revolutionary?!) You can find out how to use The Diva Cup here, and you can pick these guys up at any local drugstore, Target or online.

Another great, sustainable option is the FLEX menstrual disc. FLEX is a monthly, affordable subscription that you can order online, and they’ll send it right to your door every month, which us busy girls are pretty obsessed with. Menstrual discs are essentially the same as menstrual cups, but FLEX discs aren’t reusable, so you definitely have to dispose of them once you’re done.

FLEX discs are marketed to hold as much as three super tampons at a time, so if your flow is regular, you’re set for almost the whole day. You also can wear it while sleeping, just like The Diva Cup. And ladies, we’re about to change the game for you: you can comfortably have sex while using FLEX discs, and 60% of FLEX users reported a noticeable, positive difference with cramping and irritation (double score!)

There are lots of other new methods out there to help manage your period, so if you’re interested, do some research and educate your friends about how they can have a more manageable, sustainable period, too.