These Are My Favorite Albums of All Time and Here's Why

Listening to music is one of my favorite pastimes, and I am always on the hunt for new music and artists to listen to. My taste is all over the place, and I’ll listen to just about anything, besides mainstream pop and country. It was really hard to only choose a few, but here are some of my all-time favorite albums.

  1. 1. Continuum - John Mayer

    Guy Red Guitar Plants Outside Bench Summer

    John Mayer has been my favorite artist for a while now, and I really would make this a list of all of his albums (but I won’t). Continuum is his most popular album to date, and I completely understand why. It has classics such as “Waiting On The World to Change,” “Gravity,” and “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.” Also, “Belief,” “Vultures” and “Dreaming With a Broken Heart.” Wait, that’s almost the entire album? My point exactly. It mixes different genres like pop, soft rock, and blues. What more could you ask for? Another plus, John Mayer’s guitar skills and voice are like butter.

  2. 2. Fine Line - Harry Styles

    Harry Styles Wave

    Growing up, I was a huge One Direction fan (and I still am). I think we all knew that if Harry Styles left the group, he would be huge, and now he is. He blessed our ears this past December with this beautiful album in which Stevie Nicks herself called it “his Rumors," which is a pretty big deal. The album has been described as rock, pop, and pop-rock. It also includes tones of folk, soul, and indie-pop. Every song has a different vibe, yet they blend so well together. Also, the lyrics are absolutely beautiful in every sense. I really admire how Harry Styles transformed and reinvented his style and music to stray away from mainstream pop.

  3. 3. Rumors - Fleetwood Mac

    This classic rock album is everything. I grew up in a household that exclusively played rock music, and this has always been a favorite of mine. It’s absolutely timeless and reminds me of happy memories and good times. Each song has a very unique sound, but they still have all the classic rock elements. Every song flows directly into the next, and it never gets old.

  4. 4. 808s and Heartbreak - Kanye West


    Kanye West is another artist who I listen to frequently. This album is an electro-pop/rap album about heartbreak, and the lyrics are surprisingly raw in emotion. It has a very unique sound to it, one that I never heard before until listening to this. It sounds minimalist and sparse, but the album is layered with small, intricate details. The songs can easily get stuck in your head and won't leave for a while. 

  5. 5. Pure Heroine - Lorde

    Pure Heroine is one of the first albums that I discovered on my own, and it exposed me to a whole new world of alternative and indie music. The emotional lyrics can relate to anyone, old or young, while keeping a very adult sound. It’s sonically cohesive, and just the overall uniqueness of it is always refreshing. It makes you want to get up and dance, or it makes you cry at 3 am in your car. Also, the fact that she made it at 16 makes it more special.

Here's a glimpse of music taste. I hope this inspires you to think about your favorite artists and albums and to give them a listen soon!