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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

The much anticipated season finale of The Bachelor premiered on Monday, March 25. The finale was filled with laughs, tears, and shocking surprises. Let’s recap!


The finale begins with Joey explaining, “I have two women left. I’m falling in love with both of them, and in a few days, I’ll be getting down on one knee and proposing – and hopefully getting engaged.” Joey reflects on his relationships with Daisy and Kelsey, and admits he is still nervous about getting rejected from either. Joey also explains that he won’t be telling either of the women “I love you” until the last day.

Joey brings Daisy home to meet his family first. Daisy gives Joey’s family a rundown on their journey and her medical history, and explains that Joey’s acceptance of her history has changed everything for her. “He is truly so remarkable, and I know that is because of you, and the people that love him,” Daisy explained. Daisy then has a conversation with Joey’s mother, Cathy, that goes really well and ends with tears from both of them.

Joey’s sisters Carly and Ellie have a conversation with Daisy, where Daisy confirms that she is in love with Joey and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. The sisters loved Daisy, and reported back to Joey that Daisy is “all in.” The sisters also tell Joey that Daisy said the only reason she may be holding back a bit is because she’s scared of being heartbroken. Joey hates the idea of hurting anyone and adds,  “Whoever I don’t choose, there will be two people that are heartbroken – it’ll be me and them.”

Joey then brings Kelsey to meet his family. Kelsey recounts her journey with Joey, and gets emotional like Daisy did. Kelsey sits down with Joey’s sisters, and they ask Kelsey if she’s ready to be engaged. Kelsey responds with, “Um, I think so, yeah.” Joey’s sisters are not the biggest fans of her response, and tell Joey about Kelsey’s hesitation.

Kelsey then has her time with Cathy, where the two have an emotional conversation. Kelsey admits, “I know if it’s not me, I know that he’s going to be really happy with Daisy.” Cathy commends Kelsey’s statement, and tells her about how Joey said something similar about Charity Lawson during last season of The Bachelorette.  

As Kelsey gets ready to leave, she whispers “I love you” to Joey. After two great family visits with the ladies, Joey is still stuck with where his heart is at. 

It’s now time for the final dates! Daisy has her first, and the pair meet at a sweat lodge for a copal cleansing. Daisy wants to reassure Joey about how she feels, but between the cleansing and sweat lodge, the date doesn’t allow for much talking. 

After the sweat lodge, Joey tells Daisy, “I feel so lucky to have gotten to know you, and I know that you deserve nothing but the best.” It seems Joey is foreshadowing his breakup with Daisy, and she knows it. 

At dinner, Daisy finally tells Joey she loves him, and Joey’s response is “That’s so good to hear. That means so much.” Daisy knows something is off, especially since Joey isn’t talking about his potential future with her. In her confessional, Daisy admits, “I don’t think it’s me.” 

For Kelsey and Joey’s final date, the pair meets at the hotel spa. (And the pair had a lot of time to talk to each other! Poor Daisy.) Kelsey clarifies Joey on her “engagement” comment with his sisters by saying, “It’s not like a box that I’m trying to check. It’s because it’s you that I’m ready for an engagement, really.” At dinner, Kelsey tells Joey again that she loves him. 

It is now engagement day! Joey picks out the engagement ring as the women get ready. As Daisy gets ready, she shares, “Maybe I’m wrong, but today I have to be, like, so strong. Love shouldn’t feel like it hurts this much. I know what I need to do.” Daisy walks down the hall and knocks on Kelsey’s door. The ladies have an emotional hug, and Kelsey welcomes her inside. 

The girls sit on the couch and Daisy asks,  “How was your week? If you don’t mind me asking.” Kelsey explains her week was “really good” and that she felt “a lot of validation” during their last night together. Kelsey asks Daisy about her week, and Daisy shares, “Our date felt a little bit off. There was something, like, missing between me and Joey, I don’t know exactly what it was.” Daisy explains that she refuses to walk away because what if it is her.

It is now time for the most anticipated event of the season – who will Joey propose to?! It is now when something unprecedented happens – Kelsey and Daisy rode in the limo to the proposal together!  

Daisy leaves the limo first and meets Joey on the beach. Before Joey can let her down easy, Daisy says, “Falling in love with you has been so fun, and I do love you. But the thing is…” Joey immediately knows what will happen next. Daisy continues, “I know you said you want the best for me, so I’m going to do what’s best for me and I’m gonna go.” Joey offers to walk Daisy out, and she declines walking herself back to the limo. 

At the limo, Daisy gives Kelsey a long hug goodbye and tells her, “I know your mom’s going to be looking down on this moment and she’s going to be so happy.” As Daisy rides away, she says, “If I can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much I can love the right person.” 

Kelsey then joins Joey on the beach. Joey begins his speech, “I knew early on that there was something different about you, and I just wanted to learn more. It has been seemingly easy at times, and I know there’s a lot of tough decisions through this journey, and that’s what makes today really difficult.” Down on one knee Joey finishes, “But there’s nothing difficult about choosing you. And I can’t wait another minute to tell you that I love you.” Joey and Kelsey are then engaged!

After The Final Rose:

Back at the Thunderdome, Daisy comes out to speak to Joey for the first time since the proposal. Joey asks Daisy how did she know he wasn’t going to pick her and Daisy explained it was at the final rose ceremony. Daisy explains that the way Joey was looking at Kelsey, made it very clear for her. Joey thanks Daisy for being so understanding. Before leaving, Daisy thanks Joey for helping her find her light again.

Kelsey then comes out, allowing for Joey and Kelsey to be fiancés for the first time in public. The couple then reminisce on their proposal and time as an engaged couple this far. Kelsey shares she knows her mom is watching happily. Kelsey’s dad, Mark, is also in the audience, and shares “I couldn’t be prouder. I couldn’t be happier.” 

Daisy is brought back out where she explains she is not ready to look for another relationship. Kelsey then gets a moment to talk with Daisy. The two reflect on their decision of riding the limo together and share they only have love for one another.

It is then revealed that Jenn Tran will be the next Bachelorette, making her the first Asian lead!

Until next season!

Daniella is a sophomore at Hofstra University with a major in early childhood education. She is from Long Island, New York. In her free time she’s either reading, writing, scrolling on Instagram, watching Tik Toks, listening to Taylor Swift, catching up on pop culture, or spending time with her friends and sorority sisters.