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Tattooed Collegiette: Rosco Avila’ 16

Rosco Avila

Year: 2016

Major: Public Relations

How many tattoos do you have?

I have 10 tattoos.

Do they all have meanings?

Yes! I made sure all of my tattoos had meanings. That is the only reason my parents approve of them. My tattoos mean more to me because they all represent something for me, whether it’s a family member, a special time in my life, or place that impacted me.

Which one has the most important meaning to you?

The most important one would definitely have to be the one down my spine. It’s the date of my great grandfather’s death in roman numerals. He was the one that taught me the importance of family and tradition when I was younger and he was the family member I spent the most time with when I was in Peru. His death was really hard because he was the person that kept us all close and getting a tattoo for him was the only way I could thank him for all that he did for us. 

Which piece is your favorite?

My favorite piece is my palm tree on my left arm. I always like looking down at it because it reminds me of home and I feel like it represents my style and personality. 

When did you get your first tattoo?

I got my first tattoo over Thanksgiving Break my freshman year at Hofstra, a month after turning 18. My parents really freaked out when they saw the picture because it’s pretty big and covers my left ribs. 

Which one hurt the most?

The protective eye on my right side, under my boob was the worst. It’s not that big but there is one little piece of it that is directly on my rib. The vibrations from the shading were so painful I cried and had to ask for multiple breaks. I was so embarrassed because up until that point I’d made it through all my tattoos without needing a break. 

Do your tattoos follow a general theme or are they all different?

I don’t think I have a general theme for them. I just know that I like very simple designs, clean lines, and black. I don’t like color in my tattoos because it look too much like a cartoon to me.


Jessica is the Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief of Hofstra University's Her Campus Chapter. Jessica, from New Jersey, is a journalism major and psychology minor at Hofstra University. As a dedicated member of her college's Her Campus chapter since her freshman year, she has held the role of staff writer, Snapshot editor, Secretary and now CC. Outside of Her Campus, Jessica's publications include JeannineMorris.com, TheCelebrityCafe.com, FashionWeek.com, The Hofstra Chronicle and the Long Island Report, where she is also a student editor. In her spare time Jessica enjoys being outdoors, camping and hiking, snowboarding in the winter, hitting the Jersey Shore beaches in the summer, working out and spending time with her friends, family, and pets. Check out her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog at http://Jessie-Leigh.com.
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