Summer Internship Outfit Ideas

College is the first step towards the ‘real world’, whatever that means. But, internships are the first official taste of what it is like to use everything you have learned and start getting involved in the industry you are soon to be a part of. There are many rumors as to what is like to be an intern, but whether you are interning at a small business, communications agency, law firm or anything in between, it is important to make a great impression. It might even help you land a great job later on. Although summer is the time to show some skin, the office might not be the best place to do that.

These outfit ideas are appropriate for any workspace and will keep you cool.

Details make statements

Details are the difference between a completely average white button-down and a really cute shirt. If your work attire must be serious and conservative, try looking for small changes that bring a shirt or pant from ‘meh’ to ‘bababoom!’. Besides, lace is a great way to let a breeze keep you feeling fresh.  

Shirt from Young and Free Clothing

Embrace the onesie

By onesie we mean any one-piece, whether it be a dress or jumpsuit. They are a great way to look polished if you hit the snooze button and have no time to match a shirt with a skirt. By adding different colors in the accessories, you create an enviable look in a matter of seconds.

Jumpsuit from Forever 21

Jeans deserve an appearance

If you are working in a more casual environment, jeans can make an appearance. However, ripped jeans are unacceptable. You can upgrade your denim game by wearing a darker wash and a nice pair of shoes.

Jean from Levi

And last but not least, all black everything

There is no better way to look serious and put together, than to go with a classic black attire. Just make sure to add something that helps you stand out and show your personality, like a statement necklace. Be sure to balance your outfit with with light fabrics, since dark colors absorb heat. With an all black ensemble, you can’t go wrong.

Shirt from H&M 

A great impression and an incredible appearance in the workplace speaks louder than words.