Spring Break on a Budget

Spring Break can be a weird part in college if you aren't going on a cruise every year. Everyone around you seems to be running to a white sandy beach somewhere and taking a quick, fabulous vacation somewhere warm. If you don’t have plans that sound this glamorous, we’re in the same boat (without actually being on a boat, unfortunately). If you’re going home for break or even staying put on campus, there are ways that you can still take a mini vacation, even if you aren’t packing your bags and heading to a tropical paradise, without spending every cent you’ve ever made.

Go to the beach

This may seem to contradict the introduction, however, if you live somewhere along the coast, a little beach trip with friends is a great, generally inexpensive way to throw some vacation-vibes into your break. Even if it’s not Florida warm, it’s always relaxing to pack up the car and take a day trip to a beach nearby.

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Go to a drive in

There aren’t too many of these left, but if you’re dedicated enough, you can find an old-school drive-in movie theater to spend some of your nights over break. Especially as the weather gets warmer, there’s nothing better than laying out a blanket and sitting under the stars to watch the newest releases. Oftentimes you pay by car, and even if you pay by person, it costs about the same as a regular movie ticket – with an overall better experience.

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Why not? If you have a lot of downtime over Spring Break, you may as well take the time to make a difference in someone else’s life. Volunteering is free and makes a major impact, not to mention there are always places that need a little help. Instead of spending your money, giving back will keep your wallet happy and fill your heart.

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Work (grow that budget!)

If you’ve got a tight budget, what better way to grow that budget than by working? Obviously, for a week or two, it can be hard to find a job even part-time, but places like restaurants are always looking for help waitressing and picking up a few shifts here and there is a great way to get some pocket money. Who knows, maybe you’ll save up for enough to go somewhere fancy this time next year!

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Go on a road trip

While gas obviously costs money, grabbing a few of your friends, making a fire playlist and picking a random destination is a priceless way to spend your break. These are memories that will last forever and can be as planned or spontaneous as you’d like, for a day or the entirety of break. The possibilities are endless and depending on where you are or how far you’re willing to go, it can be a truly great experience.

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Go to a museum

Google “museums” and you’ll be surprised what’s in your area. There are a lot of hidden gems and unexpected (often strange) entities of knowledge right under your nose. Try not to judge a book by its cover – you’ll often be surprised what you’ll learn and what’s actually interesting. Plus, many museums are free with suggested donations so you won’t be paying much out of pocket.

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Have a picnic and watch the sunset

It’s spring, which means it’s slowly getting warmer and less dreary outside. If the weather allows it, why not grab some snacks and a blanket and watch the sunset? It’s the perfect way to celebrate the new season and it’s basically free, not to mention gorgeous. All you really need is an open, scenic spot, and you’re good to go.

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Go hiking

Once again, it’s spring, so it’s time for some spring things! Hiking costs nothing but a few calories, and it’s a great way to relax and get some fresh air. You never know what trails are close by; there’s a lot to choose from and especially depending on where you live or dorm, there are many opportunities to explore new places.

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Movie nights

Staying in and doing facemasks with a movie on is always going to be a staple of relaxation and break is the perfect time for this. Grab your buddies from school or home and snuggle up and put on your favorite movies. Movie marathons are a great way to catch up with your friends and eat some snack, and they’re a classic way to bond without doing much of anything.

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If your life is on a budget, chances are your spring break is going to be on a budget too. There’s nothing wrong with saving up, especially when there are lots of things to do that will spare your pocket change. You can absolutely have a fun and relaxing break without winning the lottery.