Ryan Gosling’s Ten Best Moments


Ryan Gosling is known for many different films including "The Notebook," "Crazy Stupid Love," and many more. His best moments range from kisses to fights and while it’s hard to narrow down his top ten moments, these are as close as it gets collegiates.


1. "The Notebook's" Award Winning Kiss

Ryan has many award winning moments in "The Notebook," some of which make his list of top ten, but this one is what he is most known for. Rachel McAdams and Gosling win the best kiss award in 2005 for this kiss, when he reunites with McAdams in the movie. "The Notebook" has won many awards for it’s fabulous acting and many of Gosling’s top scenes come from this movie. His top scene, the kissing scene, can be found below.

The kissing scene


2. "Crazy, Stupid, Love" Naked Locker Room Scene

Crazy Stupid Love is one of Gosling’s next best films, starring Emma Stone, and he has multiple top moments in this film. This moment stars him and his costar, in a locker room, having an intimate conversation while Gosling is wearing nothing. He is quoted for saying, “Is this bothering you?”, as he wraps himself in a towel. The moment is classic Gosling, as he takes a serious moment, and makes it rather humorous. Watch this moment below, and laugh as Gosling takes a dive into "Crazy Stupid Love."

Is this Bothering You?


3. "Drive" Heroic Gosling Moment

Gosling takes a shift in roles in this film and although he does play the hero, he also plays the villain as he attacks one man and wins the battle. He encounters this man in the elevator and gruesomely beats him until he is no longer alive. A female costars watches as a bystander and does not do a thing, but this is a classic moment for Gosling as he takes on different action in this film.

Gosling the Hero


4. "Crazy Stupid Love" Shirtless Moment (Is it just me or are we seeing a trend here?)

Although it already holds a top moment for Gosling, nothing says that this movie cannot hold two classic moments, and this second moment is one that definitely cannot be forgotten. Emma Stone and Gosling are starting off a night at his home when Gosling goes to take off his shirt. To which Stone replies, “Seriously, it’s like you’re photo shopped!” making this moment a classic in the movie. It’s shortly followed by a reenacting of the lift from Dirty Dancing and a lot of humorous moments with Gosling.


5. "Gangster Squad" Second Heroic Gosling Moment

Gosling stars in another hit with Emma Stone and this one is much less of a comedy than "Crazy Stupid Love." This scene is a classic as Gosling is having a calm dinner with Stone when they are approached by two assassins and Gosling has to fight them off before they attempt to kill the both of them. He has no issue beating them up and running for cover with Stone, which is typical of his aggressive actor side. This moment is nothing short of perfect for Gosling as he is a hero and successful all at the same time.

Gangster Squad Takedown


6. "Breaker High" Adorable Teenage Gosling

Gosling is much younger and a little less wise in this old TV show that no longer airs on TV, but is still very much a classic. Gosling is a teenager hanging out on the beach and not surprisingly this top moment involves a kiss and an odd interruption. Gosling approaches the woman with a witty but rather unused pickup line and makes jokes with her as they share a sandwich. This moment is rather old, but a classic of original Gosling.


7. "Blue Valentine" Cheesy Singing Moment

Nothing says Ryan Gosling like a cheesy song and a romantic love story. "Blue Valentine" isn’t as much of a hit as "The Notebook" for Ryan, but it involves some of the same personality. He sings a cheesy song, “You always hurt, the one’s you love,” to Michelle Williams, his costar, and claims that he must sing the song humorously for it to sound good. It’s typical Gosling, making a sincere moment humorous, but still meaning the most. This video of the scene includes a montage of the best scenes throughout the movie.


8. "The Notebook" Get in the Water! Scene

“Get in the water,” Gosling shouts, “Alright baby, please just get in the water.” He always draws attention to himself in his most famous scenes, and this scene is humorous yet beautiful. McAdams is afraid to jump into the water and Gosling’s impatience grows strong, showing his aggressive side. He yells to her to get in, but immediately apologizes and shows his compassionate side by attempting to coerce her in. This moment shows some of Gosling’s best character and you collegiates will love the humor.


9.  "All Good Things" Gosling In-Love Moment

Gosling plays a rather different role in this film, but he is as always, falling in love with a girl not of his status. She falls below him in rank, similar to his performance in "The Notebook," but he still wants her. Unlike "The Notebook" he turns mentally sick, a Gosling that has not performed in many movies, and his choice is between family loyalty and love. This montage of moments from this film shows Gosling’s best and also the timeline of his decay and disruption through the film.


10. Gosling's Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live 

Although this is not a film, or a television series, Gosling’s performance shows his amazing humor and his achievement throughout his career with an amusing clip of Kimmel’s show. He cracks many jokes, that are typical Gosling, and he tells many stories that only a true fan could appreciate. Enjoy this last Gosling moment collegiates, it is definitely a classic.