Riverdale: New Black Hood Theories

Just when you thought they were gone, they come back from the grave! Or did they? The Black Hood is back and out for revenge on Riverdale. Following the unfortunate events that happened at the school musical, everyone in town is on edge. I will be going over who in Riverdale is the most and least likely to be the new Black Hood. This will contain spoilers for all of season two, so read at your own cost!Gif via giphy.com 

Who is safe?

Before we dive into the theories, let's rule out some characters who are definitely NOT the new Black Hood. It's safe to say that our main quartet of Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead are safe. Most of the secondary characters like Cheryl, Kevin, Josie, etc. are safe too. We know enough about those characters to prove otherwise. Many of the adults on the show are also safe, including Fred Andrews, Alice Cooper, Hermione Lodge, Pop Tate, Mayor McCoy, Sheriff Keller, etc. Also, R.I.P. Midge.

Another person I think is safe is Hiram Lodge. Yes, Veronica's dad is a manipulative mobster who wants to own all of Riverdale, targeting the "sinners" of the town doesn't seem to be any of his concern. He does have his beef with the Southside Serpents, but that has to do with his own evil scheme. He has been the secondary villain of the season, and not intertwined with the Black Hood. I think it would be stupid to reveal him as the Black Hood, or to have had him working with them. He is nefarious enough on his own.

And, obviously, Mr. Svenson, who was revealed as the Black Hood after being shot, is clearly out of the running because he is dead.

Who is the new Black Hood?

I keep saying the "new" Black Hood, but whoever it is might not be "new". Maybe this "new" person has been the real Black Hood all along, and Mr. Svenson was just an accomplice or a hit-man. This could end up like Pretty Little Liars where the villain is multiple people!

Hal CooperGif courtesy of giphy.com

Out of all my theories, this is the one I believe the most. I always thought the first Black Hood was Mr. Cooper. The most recent and clue leading to him is season two, episode 19. When Betty returns home from handing over Chic to the Black Hood, she asks her mom where her dad is, to which she replies he went out looking for Betty after she left. Some may think this hint would be too obvious, but with only a few episodes left in the season, I believe it. They need to start wrapping up storylines and setting up season three. 

There are plenty of facts to support this theory. After his fight with Mrs. Cooper and Betty over Chic, he left, only to come back on the episode when the Black Hood returns. There are lots of instances in which he got angry at "sinners" of the town, as well as attempting to cover up his own ". He was furious when after finding out in Polly was pregnant with Jason Blossom's babies in season one, and didn't want people to know. He got angry when Chic came to live with the Coopers. He didn't tell his family about their relationship to the Blossoms. He didn't want people to find out about Chic (while he still thought he was his son). What he has against the other people of Riverdale, I don't know.

Another hint is his physical appearance. From what we have seen of the Black Hood, he closely resembles Mr. Cooper. If you were to put the mask over Mr. Cooper's face, it would look very similar to the Black Hood. But what about the Black Hood manipulating and blackmailing Betty? Using Betty could play to his advantage. He would know her soft spots and how to get her to do what he asks. Hal Cooper is just one sketchy dude who shouldn't be trusted.

Claudius BlossomGif courtesy of madelaine source on Tumblr

From the moment Claudius Blossom was revealed as Clifford Blossom's hidden twin, I knew we were in for trouble. First off, he is the brother of a murderer, and himself has attempted murder! He pushed Nana Rose Blossom down the stairs, which only left her injured. Together with Mrs. Blossom, they sent Cheryl away to The Sisters of Quiet Mercy to conversion therapy but told it off as boarding school. And, he came to town after the first Black Hood, but before the "new" one. All of the Blossoms are sketchy, but none quite like him.

He could want revenge against Betty and those involved in solving Jason's murder as revenge for his brother killing himself and the downfall of the Blossom's drug dealing business. What other motive he could have, I'm not sure. Either way, I don't trust him (or Mrs. Blossom for that matter)!

Less likely suspects


Yes, he was Midge's boyfriend, so why would he have killed her? However, before the start of the musical, he appeared to be very angry when Jughead tried to film him for the documentary. Why was he mad? Could he have fought with Midge and killed her out of rage? He has no reason to seek revenge on Riverdale, so he is most likely not the Black Hood.

Nick St. Claire

Nick St. Claire is as horrible of a person as they come. He tried to rape Cheryl and Veronica and kidnaped Archie. He clearly has it out for many of Riverdale's residents but is most likely not the Black Hood. 

Chuck Clayton

I don't know about you, but I didn't believe Chuck when he said he was trying to turn over a new leaf. After being absent most of the season, he comes back in to join the school musical, where the Black Hood returns and kills Midge. There's not much evidence leading to back Chuck, but he is a bad guy. He could be seeking revenge against Betty after she nearly boiled him alive in a hot tub. But, that doesn't justify the other actions of the Black Hood. Chuck's only reason for being the Black Hood would be to hurt Betty, not the town of Riverdale.

Clifford Blossom

Clifford killed himself after being caught as the murderer of his son, Jason. But, what if he isn't dead? He may have faked his death and returned to town posing as his brother, Claudius. After all, Claudius and Mrs. Blossom seem to have grown very close since his arrival. Clifford could be back to seek revenge on Riverdale, and only Mrs. Blossom knows the truth. On the other hand, he did seem pretty dead at the end of season one. Maybe we'll never know.

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The Black Hood's identity will be revealed soon enough, but until then we'll have to keep guessing!