Quiz: Which "Sex and the City" Character Are You?

Picture this: it’s a Thursday night. You had a long day at work. As you settle on your couch, face mask on and wine glass in hand, you turn on Sex and the City to unwind from your horrifically busy day. You sit back and watch Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte go about their fabulous, intriguing lives. You see Miranda cynically yell at a group of teenagers “He’s just not that into you!” or you see Carrie go back to Big for the seemingly billionth time, and you think to yourself, 

“Wow. We’re, like, the same person.

But are you really? Take this quiz to find out who your true Sex and the City spirit animal is. 

The guy you’re dating gives you first dibs to decide what the two of you are going to do tonight. You want to…

a.) Go to Chelsea to check out a new art gallery you’ve been wanting to see.

b.) Cancel the date and stay inside to catch up on your new, favorite TV show.

c.) Go to dinner and then a movie. Any date is good as long as you’re wearing cute shoes.

d.) Go out to dinner, but you’ll spend the entirety of dinner luring him in to ensure he’ll spend the night. (How many buttons can you undo in public before it becomes too much?)


You’re out shopping with your friends. What store do you head to first?

a.) Somewhere I can find something chic and sophisticated, like Ann Taylor!

b.) Any department store is fine… it doesn’t really matter to me.

c.) Prada.

d.) Anywhere I can buy something that says, “I’m sexy but I mean business.”


If you were to describe your ideal guy, you’d say he’s…

a.) Smart, responsible… wouldn’t hurt if he’s wealthy…

b.) Loyal. I don’t have time to worry about what my man is up to.

c.) Powerful and sexy… maybe someone who’s a little hard to get, but ultimately has my best interests at heart and cares about me.

d.) DTF any day, any time.


Your friend had a terrible day and you want to cheer her up. What do you do?

a.) Go to an exercise class with her!

b.) Order Chinese food and sit down to analyze why she had a bad day and how she can prevent having another bad day in the future.

c.) We’re going shopping, obviously.

d.) Tell her to go on Tinder and look for an easy release of “tension.”


Your best friend just got engaged. How do you react?


b.) Pretend to be happy even though you’re secretly jealous that they even have time to plan a wedding.

c.) Say congrats and offer to go dress shopping with them. That’s what weddings are all about… right?

d.) Sigh. “Good luck with that.”


How do you flirt with a new guy?

a.) Smile and be polite! Ask him about his family. You don’t want to find out that they’re crazy when it's too late.

b.) Flirting? I’d have to feel it out first.

c.) The classic “pull him in with my whimsical charm” thing.

d.) I’d rather just get to the point and take off my shirt. 


Describe yourself in one word.

a.) Traditional

b.) Assertive

c.) Fashionable

d.) Determined


What’s your drink of choice?

a.) Maybe a nice chardonnay… or a merlot if I really want to be adventurous.

b.) Straight scotch or a beer.

c.) Cosmopolitan.

d.) Whatever my date is drinking.


How do you feel about having kids?

a.) Yes! I want a million kids! The more the merrier!

b.) Maybe… just depends.

c.) Well I don’t foresee myself having kids, but I’m not completely opposed.

d.) Absof*ckinglutely NOT. 


Have you tallied up all of your answers? Check your results down below!


If you answered mostly A’s…

You’re Charlotte, through and through. You love tradition, and always to stick to your word. You may come off as being demure, but you’ll fight for what you want (and to hell with anyone who gets in your way.) Your style is classic: you love elegant basics and a good daytime heel. You love love, and you have no doubt that one day you’ll find “the one,” even if it takes a lot of effort. 


If you answered mostly B’s…

You’re Miranda. You don’t want a handout, and you certainly think you know what’s best for you (although it doesn’t kill you to admit you’re wrong every once in a while.) Your style is kind of nonexistent; if it looks good on you and fits the occasion, it’s perfect (until you find that pair of skinny jeans!) You think things through, you’re decisive, and you certainly don’t let anyone break down your walls… but you have a little soft spot for that one special guy. 


If you answered mostly C’s…

You’re Carrie. You’re a hard worker, and you’ll do any research necessary to do the best work possible. You’re kind to everyone and you love having a good time out with your friends, but most of all, you love shopping. Your style is unique. You love to experiment with new styles and you take extra-special care of your enormous shoe collection (and you get really pissed when someone steals them at a party. Seriously, your Manolo Blahniks?) You like to date and meet new people (all in a day’s work), but you have a pretty good feeling you know who your soulmate is.


If you answered mostly D’s…

You are Samantha, 100%. You know what you want and you’re going to get it, even if you have to sit in a restaurant for five hours that only serves raw food. You’re very career-driven, but there’s really only one thing that truly gets you going, and that’s sex. You don’t like relationships and you certainly don’t ever see yourself getting married, but you love to explore your options and play the field as much as humanly possible. Your style is powerful and sophisticated, but you know how to make any outfit sexy. You also probably will find companionship with a dog to be more fulfilling than with a man - men are easily dispensable and there’s almost always something wrong with them. 

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