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Places to Go for Spring Break on a Budget

Looking to go somewhere awesome for spring break but you don’t think your budget will allow it? College is a tough time for our wallets but there is no reason for our vacations to suffer! You can still have all the fun without the money worries. These five trips will get you the spring break vacation you’ll love and deserve, while not breaking your bank or making you stay home! Whether you’re interested in staying close or traveling far, there is a trip for you. 


The United States

These three places you can visit in the United States will definitely give you an awesome experience! Keep in mind, all flights vary and not all prices will match.


1. Yellow Stone National Park, WY

Flights cost around $145.00 to fly into Denver, CO. You can then get a rental car starting at $9.00 a day. This itinerary will leave you with a little less than a 5-hour drive to Yellowstone and hotels start at $65 a night. There are tons of things to do here that don’t cost money, which can make up for your transportation costs.


Things to do & places to see:

  • Yellow Stone Lake
  • Dragons Mouth Springs
  • Grand Prismatic Spring
  • Old Faithful Spring
  • Mammoth Hot Springs
  • Mystic Falls Trails
  • Moose Falls
  • Biscuit Basin
  • Lower Geyser Basin

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Here are a few things to do that cost money but might be interesting to you:

  • Super Small Boats with Big Action- This is a river rafting with dinner included and prices start at $99
  • Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Tours
  • Self-Guided Tours from $57
  • Upper Geyser Basin from $250
  • Yellow Stone Lower Loop Tour from $285

The tours may be expensive but they are always optional and is plenty to see without going on them!


2. Myrtle Beach, SC

Flights start at $75 if you fly from NYC and hotels start at $50. This is your best destination for a beach if that is what you’re looking for. Myrtle Beach is beautiful, with a ton of activities to do during both the day and night. If you’re searching for nice weather, this is the cheapest place to go. While some tourist things can get pretty expensive it is still possible to do on a budget.

Things to do& places to see:

  • The Beach
  • Boardwalk – Multiple amusement parks and stores
  • Sky Ride – Amazing spot for pictures, starting at $16
  • Broadway at the Beach – An outdoor shopping mall with, food, a wax museum, go-carts, and amusement parks. Varies in price, depending on what you do.
  • Wonderworks – Funhouse and amusement park. Varies in price but sometimes they give you a student discount.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

3. Daytona Beach, FL

Flights start at $184 to fly from NYC to Florida and hotels start at $40. This is the second-best destination for the beach. While Daytona is known for being a great spring break spot, there isn’t as much to do here as Myrtle Beach for a low cost.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Things to do & places to see:

  • Daytona Beach
  • Beach Street – Shopping
  • Oceanwalk – Amusement Park
  • Daytona Lagoon – Waterpark
  • Volusia Mall – Shopping

Photo courtesy of Pixabay



If you’re looking for destinations outside of the U.S. here are a few places for you. Keep in mind airfare for these destinations will likely be your biggest expense. Once you’re there, the cost for activities will make up for it.


1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Flights start at $274 when you fly from NYC but hotel rates start from $22 which will help balance your trip. This is a great place to go if you’re looking for multiple beaches to visit while there.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Things to do & places to see:

  • Old San Juan- Great Sight Seeing
  • Palomino Island
  • Paradise Seekers Inc- Tour through Puerto Rico’s waterfalls
  • Ocean Park Beach
  • Playa Escambron Beach
  • Isla Verde Beach
  • Condado Lagoon


2. Cancun, Mexico

Flights start at $268 and hotels start at $40. This is the spring break destination if you want to party. There are lots of bars and clubs here that will be perfect if you’re looking for a fun break from school. There is also a lot of sightseeing and shopping to do.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Things to do & places to see:

  • Playa Delfines- Beach
  • La Isla Shopping Village
  • Tons of Sightseeing tours
  • Tulum Avenue for Sightseeing and Shopping

Nightlife in Cancun is very vibrant. Here are a few bars and clubs:

  • Last night Bachelorette party
  • Zombie Bar Crawl
  • CunCrawl
  • The City Discotheque

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

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