News Recap (11/13-11/26)

When you want to pour over the pages of CNN and InStyle Magazine, but you don't have the time for it? Yeah, that's my life too. Between school, work, and our social lives- we gotta know whats going on without reading a novel. So here's a summary of whats been hopping on all sides of the spectrum to keep us informed for the next week.

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Feminist by Choice

Sex trafficking on the rise

Sex trafficking is the highest form of trafficking, which entails being a modern-day slavery revolved around sexual exploitation. These victims undergo some of the most traumatic experiences you can face, yet no one knows about it. There are at least 21 million victims in the sex trafficking industry globally, and have you heard of any cases? According to Polaris, there have been 4,460 human trafficking cases reported this year alone, how much more will it take for justice to truly be served?

Trump vs. sexual harassment

Time and time again, the Trump administration has yet to not baffle us with their clear disregard for women. Their latest insult is making it harder for sexual harassment victims to file their claims. When will they learn, we will not be silenced.  

Net Neutrality

If you’re on the internet, you’ve heard he taboo subject of net neutrality. This affects everyone. The internet is about expression and the loss of NN could end that all. Freedom of speech on the internet? Nope, it’ll become a streamline for cable and phone companies to decide which content surpasses others. Sign any petition you can find, it’s everyone’s problem now.


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Badass Women of the Week

Autumn Rose Miskweminanocsqua Williams

From the Shinnecock Nation in South Hampton, NY, Miss Native American USA Williams embodies empowerment in her own identity and encourages women to do the same in an astounding video.

Women marchers in France

These badass women of France marched the streets to protest sexual harassment, with signs reading ‘Yesterdays Victims, Tomorrows Heroes’ and ‘We won’t remain silent’ painted the area. Anyone who fights for sexual assault victims, there’s the only word to describe them: badass.

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Pop Culture Now

Celebs rally for #FreeCyntoiaBrown

A new case has finally shed light on the perpetual torture of the victims of sex trafficking, but it’s not in favor of the victim. Sixteen-year-old Cyntoia Brown was sold into child trafficking, being sold off for sex, forced to take copious amounts of drugs, and constant mental torture. Until one day she stood up for herself and shot one of her assailants. She was then tried as an adult, sentenced to life in prison, and will be eligible for parole at 69. Where’s the justice in this? Many celebs like Kim Kardashian West have taken the initiative ranging in from awareness and West calling on her attorney team for any kind of progress. Let’s not let the judicial system fail this young girl and spread the word.

New line from REM and Paul Smith Collab

The 90’s music scene was the pinnacle of pop culture. And if you loved the 90s, you probably loved R.E.M. Since the 25th anniversary of their album ‘Automatic for the People’ is coming up, they’re partnering up with fashion designer Paul Smith for a new collaboration- and it’s everything out 90’s heart desired.

More sexual assaults, more men held accountable

The Harvey Weinstein scandal led on a storm of sexual assault claims coming to light, the 1 in 4 are finally raising their voices. The alleged assailants range from Kevin Spacey, Ed Westwick, Jeffrey Tambor, and so on. Now we’re finally understanding as s society that this sort of thing does happen, even in Hollywood.

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Beauty, Fashion, and everything in between

Feminist Collective + Fine Clothing

When a store combines two of your favorite things AND is charitable, there’s no need to look for another holy grail. The brand, Bulletin Broads, is bringing badass feminism in our fashion and everyday lives through their feminist collective. Here’s the kicker: they donate 10 percent of their money to Planned Parenthood.

New palettes dropping, our wallets are crying

Along with the new season of cheer comes a new season of makeup palettes to spend all our budget on. We all mark the dates on our calendars for when our favorite brands Holiday beauty kit come out, but here are a few palettes released and getting released in the next few weeks. Apologize to your bank accounts now:

  1. BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette $19-22 (November 13th)
  2. Luminess Air Tarot Eyeshadow Palettes $35 (November 20th)
  3. Colourpop x Laura Lee Collaboration $5-18 (November 21st)
  4. Star Wars x Cargo Makeup Collection $20-28 (November 22nd)
  5. Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection Naught Palette/ Nice Palette $44 (November 22nd)
  6. KVD Metal Crush Highlighter Palette $36 (November 23rd)
  7. Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette $49 (November 23rd)
  8. KVD Metal Matte Mini Palette $39 (December 12th)

J. Crew, take my money!

Our wallets will not be getting a break this holiday season and we have J. Crew to blame for this. They just announced, as of November 21st, they’ll be expanding their store for numerous amounts of makeup brands like Laura Napier, Milk Makeup, Rosebud Perfume and Co, Peach and Lily and more. Who’s up for splurging all our budget on J. Crew this summer??

Fenty Beauty reigns on

We all can agree that Fenty Beauty was one of the best brands to drop in the past 5 years. But the Times stepped it up by saying it’s one of the best inventions of 2017, over countless incredibly high-tech pieces of machinery. Take that to people who say makeup isn’t all that. Rihanna once again slays us and her new shade STUNNA is out now!

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News no one talks about


After the Haitian earthquake in 2010, many came to the US for their TPS. TPS, Temporary Protected Status, is a temporary immigrated status given to certain countries like Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, and so on. Thousands of people will soon lose their protection from expulsion from the United States. Soon their tie will run out and they’ll either have to go back to their countries or try to stay here by 2019. How is kicking thousands of citizens out of this country American?

The War in Yemen

Saudi Arabia has imposed a blockade on the country, and their first shipment of food just arrived. There are tens of thousands of people starving, without meds or any means is properly living. Saudi Arabia has yet to fulfill its promise to reopen their humanitarian aids to northern Yemen. Not much has been said on the condition of the people within Yemen, but let’s spread the word that Yemen needs our help.

Libyan Slave Trade

A recent development has shown that Libya is currently under investigation for possible African migrants being traded for slavery. According to Times, the government was quoted saying ‘We, in Libya, are victims of illegal migration and we are not a source of it.’ While the whole story is still new, the evidence is piling up- and the world needs to finally put an end to slavery. It’s 2017, the madness should be ending by now.