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It’s been almost a year since COVID-19 has shut down our lives and shoved us into separate rooms without the comfort of anyone that doesn’t include family or close friends. If you’re like me, then you might be bored and in need of some serious fun. That’s where dating apps come in. You’ve probably heard about the bad pickup lines, awful dates and cringy texts that come with them but I’m here to tell you that it’s not all bad.

Here are my top three favorite dating apps I’ve ever signed up for.

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Let’s start off with the dating app I personally rank at number three: Bumble. On the surface, this dating app is just like any other. It’s a place to meet a significant other in your area and to strike up a random conversation with a cute match. Let’s start off with some pros. Bumble has a system where they pick topics for you to insert your own answers with such as “A fun fact I’m obsessed with…” or “My zombie apocalypse plan is…”. This can help you get to know the person on your screen and helps you put a little bit of your personality out there for those looking at your profile. It also helps you start conversations about the topics they’ve shared. ​

Something I love about Bumble is that when you create your profile it asks you a bunch of questions about what you’re looking for on the app, if you’re a dog person, your zodiac signs, height and so on so that you can find your most compatible match. The added bonus is that it’s all completely your choice if you want it to appear on your profile or not. 

Now for the cons. Bumble has a different system for messaging than the other two apps I enjoy a bit more. Everything is up to the girl, at least on my account where I’m looking to match with men. This means that I don’t get notifications if a guy swipes on me unless I’ve swiped on him first. The woman is also the one that has to start a conversation first and for someone like me who is shy, it’s a little more difficult to get used to rather than the traditional approach of waiting for the match to reach out first. Another con would be the fact that when you match with someone, their profile will disappear from your chat feed if you don’t start a conversation within the first 24 hours. It took me a few days to get the hang of it all and that meant that I lost a few profiles in the process. But once you get used to it, it becomes a lot of fun. 

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On to the next: Tinder. This app is an experience for everyone. Ask any one of your friends who have ever downloaded this app and I’m sure they have some crazy story about some message they’ve gotten. If you’re looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend, I advise against this app. But if you’re looking for a fun hookup then this app is perfect for you.

I’ve personally never had a good Tinder date that went beyond some awkward conversation and strange silences. However, the conversations you will have with people are simply immaculate which is why I’ve ranked this dating app above Bumble. It’s fun, care-free and a pure form of entertainment. The best thing about it is that you get 100 swipes a day which basically means you never run out of people to talk to. ​

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Finally, we come around to my favorite and most used dating app that in my opinion, gives you the most potential at finding a significant other. Hinge is great for dates and having good conversations that don’t just involve uncomfortable back and forth and one-word answers. Something that I love about this app is that you can pick your location. When I plan to go to New York City for a weekend, I change my location to find matches that live there too so that I have fun plans to look forward to. ​

Just like Bumble, they also give you a bunch of questions and topics you can answer. My personal favorites are, “A shower thought I recently had…”, “My biggest date fail…” and “The dorkiest thing about me is…”. If you like someone’s answer to a question you can directly message them through their answer and start an easy flowing conversation. Plus, you get to add prompts to your photos that can bring out your personality even more such as, “Felt cute might delete later” and “Help me identify this photo bomber” (usually accompanied by a picture of a cute dog). 

As with any dating app, there are obviously some downsides to Hinge. The most notable one for me is that you are only allowed to like eight profiles a day which means you have to be a lot more selective in your choices than the other two dating apps.  

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These dating apps are here for you to have fun and hopefully find whatever you’re looking for, whether that’s a fun hookup or a serious relationship. I do recommend that you make sure to stay safe whenever you decide to meet one of the people you match with. For me, I always bring a friend and make it a double date or meet somewhere very public. Aside from that, have fun and be prepared for many noteworthy experiences and future anecdotes!​

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