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Spring has officially sprung! The flowers on Hofstra’s campus are blooming and we are finally getting over the seasonal slump that winter brings. It’s so easy to be carried away with the sunshine and spring cleaning that we forget about the holiday in May, Mother’s Day! We know how it feels to show up to Mother’s Day with the classic, “I forgot to get you something so here’s flowers and brunch,” gift. This year, we’re trying to be more creative with our Mother’s Day gifts. Keep reading to find some gift ideas to make or get for your momma for 2022.

Design something for her and print it out.

Do we have any other Canva lovers here besides us? Seriously, we could spend hours on Canva just for fun. They have tons of templates if you’re not feeling up to par with your designer skills, or you can start from scratch on a plain artboard! Canva’s also offering printing services now, so if you make a design for your mom that she’ll LOVE, you can print it on a hoodie or tote bag for an awesome hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind gift.

Be Kind Back Sweater
Anna Thetard / Her Campus

Make your own bouquet.

Find a florist near you and ask for an appointment. You can walk around the florist’s shop and pickout the selection perfect for your mom this year. They even allow you to pick out the little decorations and ribbons to make it extra beautiful. This idea could be a little pricey, but also keep in mind that you can tailor any of these ideas to make it your own. If you don’t have a florist near you, you could take a day to go around to your local Trader Joes, Whole Foods, etc to pick out different flowers and put it together yourself! Stop at Michaels Craft Store for some ribbon and glitter accessories to add.

Make a really, really nice card

People appreciate cards ten times more if they’re homemade. You can use Canva, or paint your own picture and turn it into a card. Write a nice letter or short note expressing your gratitude towards your mom, and she will keep it forever. 

Find a custom, “mom book” online!

This year we’ve been seeing a ton of those personalized Mom themed books for sale. There’s a website called, “Hooray Heroes,” that’s making customizable children’s books for your mom. Even if you’re an adult, this is such a cute way to say thank you to your mom for all that she does. You could also stop by Francesca’s and grab one of those, “Why I love My Mom,” books that allow you to write in all the prompts.

Matching pajamas for your long distance mom

If you’re farther away from your mom and can’t celebrate with her this year, we think getting matching pajamas, or should I say, “Mamjamas,” would be a great idea. You can take a polaroid or a photo of yourself wearing your set and include it in the package to ship! That way, you could include some chocolate and even some other little things to send over in a box. Just make sure you get to the post office in a timely fashion. 

Anna Schultz-Girls Laughing In Holiday Pajamas
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

After all, Mother’s Day is about showing your appreciation for her and everything she does for you, so you might as well go out and take the time to do something for her. In our opinions, the more creative, the better. So go test your creative freedom and try and make something extra special for your momma this year.

Maggie is a senior at Hofstra University in New York. She is majoring in public relations and has minors in design and journalism. She loves to write, share her opinions with the world and is eager help build her experience in any way she can.