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Meet George Calvo, King of Hofstra’s Fall Festival

Name: George Calvo

Hometown: Farmingdale, New York

Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

Class Year: 2015

Ethnic Background: Hispanic-American (Colombian descent)


Campus Involvement: Hofstra Fall Festival 2014 Court King and Founder of Hofstra’s Habitat for Humanity

Hobbies: Baseball, volleyball and remodelling old spaces

Describe yourself in three words: Determined, unique, and caring.


HC: What was your reason behind joining this year’s Fall Festival Showcase?

George: I’ve seen the Fall Festival Court in the past and the great students who are on the court and I thought it would be an honor for myself to participate in that. Also, I thought it would be a great way to represent the university and help to give back for everything that the university has given to me. I thought it was a wonderful opportunity.


HC: At what moment did you think you could actually win King of Fall Fest?

George: At first I didn’t think I was going to win because just looking around me the other four Fall Festival king candidates were extremely qualified, great leaders here on the campus. I thought to myself, ‘I wish I could win but these guys are so great that it’s probably not going to be me.’ We all came to the agreement that just being on the court was a win itself. But during the showcase, during my performance, just hearing the audience’s laughter, really meant a lot to me and I thought ‘maybe I actually have a shot at this.”


HC: What went through your mind as you were being crowned during the festival on stage?

George: I was so shocked to hear my name. Out on the stage I was standing there expecting to hear anybody else’s name besides George. It was just such a rush of emotions, seeing everybody happy and clapping for me made me feel so appreciated.


HC: Where does the crown and robe go when you’re not wearing it?

George: Through my Habitat for Humanity experience I learned a lot of things so I’ve been working on this run-down upstairs room in my house that I’m pretty close to finishing so I have a nice table where I put the crown and a chair for the robe so it’s starting to look like a person. I might just print out my face and paste it on there. That might be where it stays for a little bit.


HC: Who is your male role model or “king”?

George: I would say it’s my father. He came here from Colombia when he was around three. He and my grandmother gave up everything to make a better life for me. Having this Fall Festival king honor is just another way to say thanks to him for all the work that he put in for me.


HC: What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?

George: Keeping the Colombia alive, my girl Shakira. I’m not gonna lie, I like anything by Shakira. I like to sing “Hips Don’t Lie.”


HC: What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

George: Watching reality TV shows. I like Big Brother. I’ve been watching it for the past three years.


HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

George: Jennifer Aniston. She’s been so great in all her roles and so successful. And she also gives back to the community in different ways.


HC: What are your plans after graduating Hofstra?

George: I hope to take one or two weeks off for a vacation. I’ve never left the country, so I hope to get my passport updated and go somewhere outside the U.S. I was also fortunate enough to get hired at MEC Global, where I interned the last two summers as a database programmer. I’m excited to help the company grow and be successful.  


HC: What are your words to live by?

George: Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything.

Aspiring journalist attending Hofstra University. Lover of all things pop culture and entertainment. Follow her @dana_gibbs94 and check out her Wordpress blog, The Whisper Box: http://thewhisperbox.wordpress.com/
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