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Low on Cash? Here are Five Things to do over Spring Break on a Budget

Spring break, a time where it seems all of our friends are going to crazy cool places, like Florida or Mexico, is not so fun if you can’t afford these big trips. Most of us college kids don’t have the luxury of partying their spring break away in some tropical location like in the movies, but there are other things that we can do. Here are five different ways to still have fun over your spring break without breaking the bank.

1. Visit your friends

All colleges and universities have their spring breaks at different times, so when our time off starts, some of my friends are already back to classes. Taking a small trip to visit to your friend’s school could be fun and easy, depending on how far they are from you. Hopefully, there would not be a cost for hotel as you could stay in your friend’s dorm, and if you get food on campus, it won’t be super expensive. I am on a very small spring budget, so I am actually doing this exact thing. It only cost me $60 to get round-trip Megabus tickets to see my friend at Penn State for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

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2. Take a small trip with a big group

If you still are hoping to take a trip to a beach, or somewhere slightly warmer than New York, gather a large group of friends and pile into a car. The more people that are involved with a trip, the less each individual has to pay for everything. There are plenty of people who would appreciate a low cost and low maintenance trip, and one of them is bound to have a car. The closest beaches are not more than a few hours away, and you can find cheap hotels that are a fair distance from the beach so you won’t get charged outrageous spring break prices.

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3. Spend some time at home

It might not be your idea of a fun vacation, but if it’s affordable to get to there, it cannot be impossible to find something to do in your hometown. I’m from Pittsburgh, and I have lived there all my life, so I have learned where the good food and entertainment places are. I could keep myself busy, and if not, my mom definitely could. If the idea of free food and a free bed doesn’t sound appealing, just think of the quality time you could spend with your friends and family. Going home might not be an adventure, but it would be relaxing and familiar.

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4. Stay on campus

A really money saver would be to just stay put. Remaining on campus over the break could be nice because you will have no work to do while you are at school, and there is no one around to bother you. You can watch movies every day, eat whatever you want, and never you leave your bed without being judged by your roommate or anyone else. If your idea of a good vacation is one where you don’t have to worry about anything and you can just be lazy, staying on campus might not be so bad. But if you’re feeling slightly adventurous, our campus is equally as far from a beach as it is from one of the biggest cities in the world, two places other people travel far distances to vacation at.

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5. Think creatively (wherever you are)

If you can’t go anywhere super cool, just try to make the most of where you end up this spring break. No matter the place, there are lots of fun and exciting things to do on your short vacation. I personally will either start a new show on Netflix or find an interesting book to read, and if I’m feeling motivated, I will try out some new workouts to keep myself active. Each day of the break, you can find something different to do with the stuff you have around you. With no school work or other obligations, you have plenty of time to start new projects or revisit old ideas that you never had time for before.

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Everyone thinks spring break is this fantastic and magical vacation, but in reality, not all of us have the money for such a lavish treat. College kids are usually tight on money, but it is important to note that a lack of money doesn’t mean a lack of fun. There are plenty things to do over your spring break this year that may be untraditional, but are still sure to provide a laid-back and worry-free vacation for you.

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I am currently a Journalism Major at Hofstra University with a minor in Creative Writing. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and my dream is to work for a fashion magazine in New York City (basically I want a life like "The Devil Wears Prada"). My interests include fashion, binge watching movies illegally on the internet, and working out every other week or so.
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