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Look What You Made Me Listen To: reputation

Welcome back to a newbie’s reactions to Taylor Swift! I have minimal prior exposure to her music beyond what’s played on the radio or what popular songs people talk about. This is my first intentional, close listen-through of her entire discography. I do not claim to be a Taylor Swift expert, nor can I promise that my impressions of each song will be considered “socially acceptable” by her fans.

Each song will be scored out of 10, adding decimals as I see fit. Examples of songs that I would rate a 10 include “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Sound of Silence” for reference. Anything 5 or higher means I like the song! I listened to the album in track order, so my reactions and scores match accordingly. 

With that being said, here are my thoughts on her sixth album, titled “reputation”.

… Ready For It?

My ears already hurt. I like the chorus, probably because it’s less aggressive to my ears. This is a cool song, just the intense bass isn’t my favorite. Rating: 6.75/10

End Game

I’m not a huge fan of the rap portion of this, it’s not really my vibe. It’s an interesting collaboration. Taylor’s part is definitely my favorite, the rest of it is okay. Rating: 5.5/10

I Did Something Bad

The intro instrumentals are unique. The sound effects have definitely gotten more dynamic the more albums she writes, which is fun. While I appreciate how hype these songs are, I’m still not really someone who enjoys intense songs. Rating: 5.5/10

Don’t Blame Me

I think I recognize this one! I’m relieved to have a lower volume song, and I like the electronic effects on this one. Rating: 6.5/10


There are definitely a lot of sound effects on this album, which I don’t mind. I think they add intrigue. I like this one, it’s definitely a little calmer than the past few songs. It’s a nice break. Rating: 7/10

Look What You Made Me Do

This song is very iconic. I think it’s a fun bop, although it was a little overplayed when it came out. I enjoy listening to it, but my favorite part is definitely the chorus. Rating: 6.75/10

So It Goes…

I like the atmosphere of the intro. Even though this song isn’t my usual style, for some reason I like this one more than some of the other songs on the album! Rating: 7.25/10


While the vocals aren’t my favorite, I like this song’s simpler beat. I like the background instrumental choices – they bring a different tone to this song that the others don’t have. However, I don’t like the less melodic sections. Rating: 6.5/10

Getaway Car

I recognize this song. I like it though! It’s overall well rounded, with good vocals and a good beat. This one is catchy, I like it more than I thought I would! Rating: 7.5/10

King Of My Heart

Some of these notes are very low for Taylor’s range, but she sounds nice! She sounded strained in some of her older albums, so it’s nice to see her finding the right place for herself vocally. I don’t like the random moans, although I’m told that they are a characteristic of this album. Rating: 7/10

Dancing With Our Hands Tied

This song seems like a fun song, but also not super memorable. I enjoyed listening to it, though! 7/10


I’m not a huge fan of the vocals. Overall, the song isn’t bad, but I like the instrumentals the most. Rating: 5.75/10

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The background instrumentals and effects are interesting. In combination with the vocals, which I am not a fan of, I think it’s a little too intense for me to really enjoy it. The chorus is my favorite part, but I don’t like the drum beats. Rating: 5/10

Call It What You Want

I appreciate the calmer vibe! While nothing stands out about this song, it fits the general characteristics of the songs I enjoy. It’s nice to listen to. Rating: 7/10

New Year’s Day

For the same reasons I like “Call It What You Want”, I like this song a lot. Instrumental wise and vibe wise, I think I like it more than the previous song. It has serene, nostalgic energy. Rating: 7.25/10

Average rating: 6.55/10

Favorite song (based on rating): “Getaway Car”

I was surprised that I liked this album as much as I did. “reputation” definitely leans into Taylor’s edgier side, but I appreciated the variety that this album brings to her repertoire. Her growth is very clear! I’ve really enjoyed getting to see multiple different sides of her personality, so I’m looking forward to listening to her next album, “Lover”.

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