Last Minute D.I.Y. Halloween Costumes That Your Wallet Will Thank You For

For college students, “Halloweekend” means non-stop parties and multiple looks. If you’re looking to dress cute for the occasion last minute, and without spending a lot of money, the solution is simple. There are many ways to create a fun and unique Halloween costume by simply using your own wardrobe, WalMart, and/or face paint and makeup.

Pop Art

Photo Courtesy of Natalie Abbondanzio

One of my favorite last minute Halloween costumes is dressing up as Pop Art. This look is easy, because all you need is tacky, bright clothes and some face paint. You can either buy some fairly inexpensive clothes at WalMart, Target, or the Dollar Store, or you can use something from your closet if you have a fitting outfit. Next, use either black face paint or eyeliner to draw contour lines under your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose, around your eyes, and by the chin. This will give your face a cartoon look. Then, use blue face paint to make tiny dots all over your face. Lastly, fill in dramatic eyebrows, put on a bright lipstick, and line the lips with black to really make them stand out. With this look, the makeup is the central point.


Photo Courtesy of Nick Osbahr

Another quick and easy last minute Halloween costume is the cheetah. I really like the way this one looks because of all of the fun colors you get to put on your face. All you need to do is mix orange, white, and yellow face paint, and sponge a thin layer over your face. Then, use a darker orange to create spots, and line each one with black. You can fill in a black or pink nose, and even add some whiskers. With this costume, I recommend wearing something really simple. When I did this look, I wore a black shirt, black leggings, and black shoes. If you think it’ll look cuter, you can throw some orange into your outfit.

Spooky Pumpkin

You can’t go wrong with this spooky pumpkin look. This one is really fun because you get to play around with the face paint. To create this look, cover your face completely in bright orange paint. You can blend yellow in the lighter parts of the face (forehead, chin, nose), and put a darker orange or red in the shadows (under the cheeks, around the nose). Then use black to make a jagged mouth, hollow eyes, and a triangular nose. You can add contour lines by the cheeks, forehead, and chin to give it more of a “pumpkin” effect. For the top, you can either wear a burlap material, or go for a cute, fall inspired flannel. Loose jeans and some boots will complete the look.


These are just some easy ways to make your own creative, last minute Halloween costume while spending little to no money. Just a little bit of face paint, makeup, and a simple outfit from your own closet can suffice to make a pretty great look. You can have the same amount of fun and the same amount of style while sticking to that college budget.