Jennifer Vilca '17

Jennifer Vilca

Year: Senior (December 2017)

Major: LEAP English with a concentration in American Literature

Hometown: Hicksville, NY


Campus Involvement: At Hofstra, Jennifer is a part of the LEAP Program, Alpha Theta Beta Sorority, and Honors College.


About the LEAP Program: It stands for Legal Education Accelerated Program and it’s essentially the closest things Hofstra has to a pre-law program. Students in the program who have been accepted into Hofstra Law have the opportunity to complete all their coursework to obtain both a Bachelor’s and JD in 6 years by applying the fourth year of undergrad to the first year of law school.


Jennifer's advice to those taking the LSAT: It was a lot of drilling techniques and practicing timing. For tips, I would say to put your all into it. Take a lot of practice tests and figure out where your weaknesses and strengths are, so you know what to focus on nailing down. Also, take some time every so often to take a break.


Image from Pexels.


Q. What are you looking forward to the most about law school?

A. Getting to take courses geared towards the field I want to pursue.


Q. Do you have any advice for students who are currently thinking of applying to law school?

A. It’s a lot of work, but anything worth having kinda is. Put your heart into it, especially if it’s something you’re really passionate about.