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I Tried the Sand&Sky Face Mask. Here’s What Happened.

If Instagram is your go-to social media platform, then you’ve probably scrolled past this new skincare craze on your feed. It’s called the Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask. Yes, it’s from Australia, and yes, it’s got “pink clay” and a ton of other natural ingredients.

When I saw this pop up on my Instagram feed, I almost kept scrolling, as I do with all the other sponsored posts I see. However, my skin was having a particularly rough day, and I was down to try anything.

I’ve had acne since I was eleven years old. I’ve been back and forth to the dermatologist and have tried every trick of the trade to clear my skin. Proactiv broke me out, prescriptions with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid were unreliable and inconsistent, and I found out very quickly that I’m allergic to Accutane. About a year ago, I started using the Rodan and Fields Unblemish line that’s made with sulfur instead of the more common acne-fighters, and it works better than anything else I’ve ever used. Now that my blemishes are under control, though, I suffer from extremely large pores, oily skin, and uneven skin tone (as many people do). So, when I saw the benefits of this mask, I thought,

“Why the hell not?”

The price tag was a little ~astonishing~ to say the least, so I jumped on the waitlist for the trial size. However, when a 30% coupon popped up in my email for the full size, I figured I couldn’t let it go to waste. I ordered the mask.


Photo by Madie Mento

The instructions say to use it 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes, 2 times per week for sensitive skin. I decided to use it twice a week for two weeks, while still using my Rodan and Fields treatment on the days in between, and journal nearly every day about my skin. Here’s my summarized experience with the Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Detoxifying Mask.


Photo by Madie Mento

Thursday 3/15. Day One:

I used the mask before bed (per the box’s recommendation), and painted it onto dampened skin with the application brush that came with the mask. It burned on initial contact and dried very quickly, and also dried totally white. I wore the mask for ten minutes, then washed off with warm water and patted dry with a clean towel. My skin was immediately brighter and less red, and my pimples appeared less inflamed. My pores, though, were exactly the same as before. I finished off with my regular moisturizer.

The morning after, my skin was super smooth, my breakouts had disappeared, and my skin looked healthier overall, but my pores were still loud and proud.

Sunday 3/18:

I had crammed sugar down my throat on St. Patrick’s Day, so it came as no surprise that I woke up with major breakouts and incredibly dull skin. I used the Rodan and Fields that morning and night but still woke up the next day with dull, oily, pimply, big-pored skin.

Monday 3/19:

This was my second time using the mask, and I was hopeful. I first exfoliated with the cleansing pad that had come with the mask as a bonus gift, then left the mask on for 12 minutes. My pores were, again, the same size after washing off, but my skin was brighter, even-toned, and firmer. I woke up the next morning with visibly clearer, glowy skin. Maybe this mask would work after all.

Thursday 3/22:

I started this day with some whiteheads and minor breakouts. I used the mask as normal, but I had just received a new Murad sensitive skin moisturizer in my FabFitFun box, so I wanted to give it a try after the mask. I masked and moisturized before bed.

When I woke up the next morning, my skin was SO GOOD. My skin was brighter, my tone was more even, my whiteheads had completely disappeared, my skin wasn’t nearly as oily as it usually is in the morning, and, most importantly, my pores were smaller! I figured this was the combination of a lifetime!

Photo by Madie Mento. 

For the next week, the cycle was the same. The mask would clear me up for about a day, then I would get a new breakout, then I would use the mask, then I would break out again. However, on Monday 4/2, I had decided to use the mask like the Instagram models: before my makeup. I was going to see Demi Lovato in concert that night, so I took it as an opportunity to test out the trick.

I applied the mask while I was curling my hair for the concert, so I “accidentally” left it on for 30 minutes. I was a little worried, but I also wanted to see if my pores would shrink with a longer masking time. Little did I know that that was all I needed. After I washed off the mask, my pores had practically vanished. My skin was glowy and even, and I’ve never had such a successful makeup application. My foundation went on seamlessly without any moisturizer or primer, and I had the naturally glowy skin that we all pack on highlighter to achieve.

The next morning, my pores were still super small, my pimples were erased, and my skin looked better than ever. I was so happy with the results, that I’ve now decided to use it as my pre-makeup mask for good.

Photo by Madie Mento. 

All in all, I think the mask is worth the price tag. While it may not be good as a long-term acne cure, it definitely achieves its marketing claims. After wear, my pores were smaller, my skin more even-toned, less oily, and my blemishes nearly disappeared. It definitely works as a pre-makeup mask routine, but also works before bed for the next morning and as a spot treatment. For my dry skin babes, however, this may not be the best mask for you because it definitely has a drying element that makes my skin crave that post-mask moisturizer, and I tend to be oily. My best advice for users is to start by using it twice a week, then gradually ease into three times a week. The mask warrants longer wear than the box claims, so don’t be afraid to go for 20 minutes.

I’ve used many masks, treatments, exfoliants, and prescriptions to control my sensitive, acne-prone skin. The Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Detoxifying Mask has given me the quickest, most gratifying results of them all. I’ll be sure to keep using it, and you should definitely try it for yourself. You can grab yours at https://www.sandandsky.com/, or check out their Instagram for more proof!

Madison Mento is a senior at Hofstra University and is majoring in Public Relations with minors in Spanish and Photography. She is a writer, artist, activist, and avid ginger. She likes her coffee iced, her pizza hot, and anything to do with beauty. She is currently the Co-President of Her Campus Hofstra and loves the organization!
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