I Tried the Original Unicorn Latte So You Don't Have To

I’m sure you are all familiar with Starbucks’ unicorn frappucino by now. You may have also heard about a little cafe who is actually suing Starbucks over the unicorn beverage, because they were selling unicorn lattes before the unicorn frappucino made it’s debut. 

Photo by @starbucks via Instagram

I decided to see what all of the unicorn madness was about, so I jumped on a train to Williamsburg and visited The End Brooklyn to try this crazy “original” latte.  

The first thing I would like to say about visiting this place is that you should not go out of your way to get to Brooklyn ONLY to stop here. It is totally not worth it. If you are in Williamsburg, then maybe stop by and try something, but even then the prices are extremely high.

Photo by Gia Tims

After about 2 hours of travel time, my roommate and I only spent 10 minutes at this cafe. It was very cute inside, and the cashier was extremely cheery. The angle that the cafe took is wellness and healthy treats oriented, with crazy sounding ingredients in their concoctions that have “healing” properties. The name of the cafe is a nod to the owner's roots in Montauk, which is known as "The End" to Long Islanders.

Photo by Gia Tims

Crystals and natural products are also sold at the cafe, but these are also extremely pricey items. Not the best place for a couple of broke college students to visit. The unicorn latte was $9. My bank account and I are not on good terms.

After waiting a few minutes for it to cool down, I finally took a sip of the highly anticipated unicorn latte. You can also get it iced, (I’m still debating if I regret not doing so). The flavor was fruity and lemony with a hint of something cake like. It was good, but it was not something that took me by surprise. I felt like I had tasted this flavor before, and I was kind of annoyed that I just spent $9 on it.

Photo by Gia Tims

Despite its average flavor, the latte was very photogenic and did not disappoint in the Instagram department. The entirety of the tiny cafe was very cute, and the aesthetic of it wound up being my favorite part of the whole 10-minute experience.

The End Brooklyn also sells a variety of other lattes and drinks, along with baked goods and even Montauk themed apparel. There was only enough room for the unicorn latte in my budget, so I did not try anything else. 

Photo by Gia Tims

Overall, if you are into healthy treats and Instagramable snacks, then this may be a good place to dip into if you are already in town. Definitely do not go out of your way to stop by! The unicorn trend may be on its last leg here, so don’t feel obligated to purchase any over-hyped mystical products.