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HU Style: Top 5 Fall Accessories

Away with our favorite sandal-wedges, time to break out our long sweaters and boots! Autumn is back. These accessories are a perfect way to spruce up your wardrobe and it’ll be sure to make you stand out on campus. Before you hit the hayrides and pumpkin patches, be sure you’re not walking out the door without these five must-have fall accessories!

1. The infinity scarf

By far the most practical accessory, an infinity scarf is definitely a fall favorite. It’s most certainly one item you can get the most use out of. If you’re in a rush, it’s a perfect addition to spice up any simple top you pull out of your closet. You can find them in many different patterns that you can wear dressed up or even dressed down!

2. The Turban Hat

Be the trendsetter on campus rockin’ a turban hat! Aside from the fact that it’ll help keep you warm, it’s yet another way to add some flavor into your outfit! Fashionistas like Kourtney Kardashain can be spotted donning one of these hats-why not give it a try? Stores in Roosevelt Field Mall like Urban Outfitters are selling them-get yours today.

3. The Wrap-around Watch

The hottest trend this season can be spotted on your wrist. Wraparound watches are timepieces that add some edginess to your outfit and are one of the top must-haves this season. Check out stores like Target who’s got great deals on these hot fall items!

4. Arm Warmers

Leg warmers, gloves, scarves, hats and now arm warmers? Believe it or not, this unique item is one fall accessory that not only provides insulation and versatile in different weather conditions, they are so easy to wear. Check out etsy.com for cute ideas on how to wear them.

5. Hofstra Gear

What better way to still look cute on campus and show some pride by sporting a your favorite Hofstra sweatshirt or even sweat pants! Check out the Hofstra Bookstore for the latest pride-ful gear!

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