HU Beauty Update: Flickable Lipgloss!

Are you looking for the hottest new lipgloss that has intense color but not as much stickiness? I recently tried Flickable lipgloss, and loved it!

Flickable is a line of luxurious lipglosses that makes picking your perfect shade much easier, with their new line of awesomely vibrant colors. I tried "Better off Red" and "Do Ya Pink I'm Sexy," and loved them both. While the pink shade was more of a casual daytime look, the red one actually left my lips with a great red sheen, perfect for a night out dancing. The other shades also have super fun and memorable names like "Citrus How We Do It" and "Toffee Talk."

The colors are made with highly-concentrated pigments that offer long-lasting color. Flickable's all-natural ingredient, Coolact, helps stimulate your nerve receptors and helps increase circulation to create a natural plump look. Avocado oil is also used to create those soft, kissable lips that we all strive for. 

And my personal favorite part about the brand? The lip glosses come in adorable lollipop-shaped bottles where the stick of the lollipop is pulled out to be used as a brush applicator, making it super easy to precisely apply the gloss evenly on your lips!

Have we sold you yet? Treat yourself, or put Flickable lip gloss on your Christmas list by checking out their site, here!