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Hozier Is Still The King of Fall and Winter Music Vibes, Here Are His 7 Best Songs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Hozier is the King of the fall and winter season. He has so many amazing songs that it was difficult to pick only seven! His amazing vocals and mellow guitar lines are what make his music really shine. Here’s what we think are his top seven songs! Disclaimer: “Take Me to Church” is NOT on this list!

“No Plan”

“No Plan” is a song with a killer bass line, as well as lyrics that are powerful but morbid at the same time. The song talks about how there is no plan in life and how, in the end, it will only be darkness. Super depressing, super insightful and super groovy.


“To Noise Making (Sing)”

This song has a joyful tune with lyrics about remembering when people sang because they loved it. It never mattered if they were good or bad, they just sang. It is a beautiful ode to the love of music. This song can put anyone in a good mood as soon as it starts.


“Cherry Wine (Live)”

This version, specifically, is so raw and impactful. The song tells a story of an abusive relationship, with Hozier being on the receiving end of the abuse. It is emotional and imperfect (as imperfect as Hozier can sound, which isn’t that much), which adds even more meaning to the song.

“Someone New”

This song has the same feel as “To Noise Making (Sing).” It is uplifting and makes the listener want to get up and dance. It’s a real feel-good tune.

“Nina Cried Power (feat. Mavis Staples)”

This song essentially is an activist anthem. It highlights activists and protesters around the world who fought for their rights through music, such as Nina Simone and John Lennon. He even brings legendary activist and musician Mavis Staples on the track. It is an amazing, inspirational piece of music.

“Work Song”

A Hozier classic. The background has a mellow bass with humming in the background. It is an awesome song to study to. This song is one of Hozier’s more popular songs, and for good reason. It is simply great.


This last song is one of the more overlooked in Hozier’s discography, but it is an absolute hidden gem. The song compares a partner’s love to sunlight. It is a beautiful sentiment and has a really cool guitar line in the background. It could totally be in a montage of an indie film! 

Once again, all of Hozier’s discography is awesome. It was so hard to pick only seven songs! These songs only scratch the surface of all of his albums. We definitely encourage you to listen to more of his songs! Who knows, maybe you will have a completely different top seven than we did!

Sofia Staub

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