How to Wear Your Fall Wardrobe in the Summer


Summer is usually the season when wearing anything other than a swimming suite seems silly. High temperatures make it easy to wear as little fabric as possible, so we hide every fall and winter item we have in the back of our closets and focus on fabrics that make us feel like we are barely wearing anything at all. Well, I want to tell you otherwise. We spend so much time (and money) perfecting our cold-weather wardrobe that it deserves its time to shine, even at 90º F.

Although I can honestly tell you your favorite parka should stay in the closet for this warm season, some fall staples are completely wearable, even in the summer heat.

Blazers (or any other jacket for that matter)

Blazers are professional and can make any outfit look put together. But long sleeves and thick fabrics are not the best for this season so my solution is: WEAR IT AS A CAPE! It looks incredibly stylish and it allows your short sleeves under the blazer to keep your arms feeling fresh. (Proven Fact: Wearing any jacket as a cape makes it look 100x cooler)



Instead of wearing your favorite scarf around your neck, use it as a headband. There are a lot of really cool tutorials that show you how to rock the colorful scarf to keep your hair out of the way. It is also a great way to cover the fact that you haven't washed your hair in four days.


Button Downs

A light button down can be your best friend during the heated months, but add extra freshness by wearing it as a dress instead of a shirt. Besides, it is always nice to ditch the pants.


Denim Jacket

A good denim jacket is acceptable year round. Rolling up the sleeves makes it an especially great companion for chilly nights (and mall AC).


Flannel Shirts

The ultimate fall to summer transformation staple is a 90’s girl dream piece. A flannel shirt looks almost as good worn as it does tied around your waist. Let’s just say that there’s a reason why flannels keep coming back year after year.  

Now you can spend much more money on your daily Starbucks and less changing your wardrobe with the seasons.