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How to Thrive in the Fall Without Being ‘Basic’

Fall is the favorite season for many. How could it not be? The temperature range is just right, not too cold and not too warm. The perfect weather to be cozy and fashionable at the same time. However, it seems like most of us end up doing the same things: drinking pumpkin spice lattes, wearing the same colors and posting similar things on Instagram. I have complied a list of tips that you can follow to avoid the basic-ness of this season.

There are other drinks than Pumpkin Spice Lattes

I’m not going to lie, it is one of my favorite drinks and I do think fall is the best time to drink it. There are tons of other drinks as well and Starbucks is not the only café to buy drinks from either. Make a challenge for yourself and try other flavors of lattes and coffees this season!

Switch up your outfit choices

I agree, this is the best time of year to wear your maroons, oranges, olive greens and beiges. However, try new color combinations, be bold try wearing pastel chunky sweaters, denim skirts, stripes or any patterns that fit within the fall color palette. A major key to avoid being basic in fall: try wearing boots other than Uggs. Yes, they are comfortable but there are so many other boots to choose from, too! 

Photo courtesy to MaxPixels

Bold lips and eye makeup

It is true, not many of us do not have the time every morning to do our makeup. However, if a day comes where you want to, why not try wearing a bold dark lip color? Deep maroons and plums compliment every skin tone! Also, just like the color palette for your clothes, you can also use the same colors for eyeshadow as well!

Your photos on social media

How many girls going to pumpkin patches and laying on fallen leaves do I see during this season? The answer: too many. Don’t get me wrong the pictures are cute! Although, I do suggest to visit new places and take new pictures.

Keep these tips in mind when you start your day in this cozy season. Remember, the one way to be unique is to be yourself and do the things that will make you happy, this way you never have to worry about being basic!  

Cover photo courtesy to Denise Mattox

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