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So, you’ve had a really hard couple of weeks. Whether you’ve had an insane amount of essays to write, or an impossible math test you had to take, it’s all just been a lot. The only reason you may not be feeling completely burned out is that this Friday is – wait for it – girls night! All your stress and all your problems will completely disappear for one night while you’re hanging out with your best friends in the entire world. Here’s everything you’ll need to have a successful girls night.

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A Girl Power Movie

Even though it’ll probably just end up playing in the background, putting on an empowering movie with some boss ladies in it will definitely set the tone for the rest of the night. The Other Woman, John Tucker Must Die, and Legally Blonde are some great options to pick from.

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Junk Food

Time for your cheat day to the max! Break out all that extra Halloween candy you’ve had lying around and share it with your favorite gals tonight.



Because who doesn’t love to get all cuddled up with their best friends on a cold, fall night?

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Board games or card games

If you haven’t already seen the competitive side of your friends, then you better get ready to. “Sorry!” has definitely brought out my inner yelling-at-the-sports-game-on-television-dad self; and in terms of card games, Egyptian Rat Screw is guaranteed to start some screaming matches. 



And I’m not talking chai! If there’s something that you’ve been holding in for a while, get ready to let it out, queen. Your girls are here for you and they are ready to give you every inch of love and support that you need.

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By the end of the night, it is inevitable that one person will start crying because they “just love you guys so much!” When this happens, it is also inevitable that most, if not all, of your friends, will join in on that. The amount of relief you will feel afterward is absolutely amazing.

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And there you have it! Everything you need in order to have the best girls night with your pals. A night of relaxation and rejuvenation to unwind with your favorite people. Even if you can’t check everything off this list, just remember that all you really need are your best friends (and Oreos).

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Katie Pericak

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Katie is a B.F.A. Theatre Arts Performance major with a Journalism minor at Hofstra University! Along with being a writer for Her Campus, Katie also enjoys crime TV shows, nutella, and naps. She is also still mourning the break-up of One Direction. If anyone knows of any good vegan restaurants anywhere, please let her know ASAP.