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How To Embrace Your Personal Style, Even If You’re Scared

Style is such a vague word, and it has a million different meanings. I have no idea how to describe my personal style, and everyone that has tried to describe my style has had completely different ways to describe it.

To this day, I get kind of confused when people tell me that they, “wish they had my style” because the thing is, they could. My “style” is just things that I’ve found that I really like to wear and I feel comfortable and confident wearing in my day-to-day life. I think everyone has style and can have style. Embracing your personal style isn’t easy, but it’s doable.




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Your personal style is just that, your style. I love getting inspiration for outfits from social media and seeing what everyone wears around campus. Maybe it’s because it’s New York, but I love buying new pieces and taking photos with my friends. Fashion is a form of expression. I promise I never judge anyone for what they wear to class, and if you’re one of those people that do judge people for what they choose to wear, you have your own issues.

Embracing your personal style takes baby steps. In my experience, taking inspiration from people around me that dress in a way that I want to has helped me develop a closet and a sense of style that I love. I love it when people ask me where I bought something from, and I never hesitate to ask where someone got a specific piece. Everyone likes compliments, so I try to share the love and make sure other people know what I love about them.

Living so close to New York City for the past year has given me so much inspiration and I’ve gotten the opportunity to see people in some of the most eclectic and interesting outfits. Something I’ve noticed is that, no matter what, they rocked whatever they were wearing because they were confident. They thought they looked good, and that was enough.

If you go shopping and you see something you like, buy it. Wear it. Even if it’s just to Target or you’re going grocery shopping, that’s a start. It’ll probably feel weird at first, but building confidence comes in small steps.




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I know it’s easier to say than believe, but no one is looking at you. I do look at the things that other people wear, but it’s genuinely just because I’m interested in how other people dress. I’ll never judge someone for what they do or don’t wear. I would hate to find out that other people were judging me for how I dress, and it’s really none of my business what other people do in their lives.

At the end of the day, you should be dressing for yourself. It takes time, but if you develop the mindset of doing what’s best for you and only you, you’ll find yourself being more true to who you really are and want to be.


Treat yourself nicely. I view getting myself ready and picking out my outfit as a form of self-care. Being able to devote even just 10 minutes in the morning to myself as a time where I can drink my coffee and get myself prepared for the day ahead has done wonders for me.

Don’t dress for other people, dress for yourself. It’s hard not to think about what other people are thinking about you, but I guarantee if you put yourself out there and try something new, you’re going to feel so good about it.

Cassity is a senior Public Relations and French double major at Hofstra. Her life's mission is to find the best oat milk latte in New York City and live out her dream of someday being as iconic as Carrie Bradshaw. Until then, she's happy to serve as Co-President of Her Campus Hofstra.
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