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How To Budget For Style


If you’re anything like me, “help me I’m poor” is your most quoted Bridesmaids line. With October rapidly coming to a close you’re seeing that your summer babysitting salary is also depleting! So you’ve got a problem – how do you snag all the best fall fashion finds with limited funds? Well worry no more collegiates because if you follow these simple steps you’ll be rocking the most stylish clothing this season has ever seen.


  1. A little googling goes a long way:

So maybe your cargo boots have worn down since you bought them or your sweaters are starting to snag from those intense Hofstra driers. Well here’s a great tip for online or in-store shopping. If you have a specific item or store in mind, educate yourself! There’s nothing worse than blindly entering a store (or website) without being aware of all the best sales, offers, and coupons! By googling your product or store, hundreds of sites dedicated to saving you money will instantly pop up.

  1. Don’t be afraid to sign up for those emails or texts:

Alright, I get it; this one might make you a little hesitant. We’ve all forgotten to check our inbox after a day or two and have logged on to see WAY more emails then we care to go through. To combat this cringe-worthy scenario only subscribe to those places you really are dedicated to. Although these emails can get a bit overwhelming, they’re a great long-term solution to alerting you to the best deals. More recently stores have been pushing for communication via text messaging. Either method is just as effective but, being addicted to savings, I aim for both. Some will even send you awesome, exclusive discounts right when you sign up and/or throughout the month- H&M, LuLus, Macy’s, American Eagle, Aerie, and Victoria’s Secret Pink to name a few!

  1. Your tuition doesn’t just pay for lectures and Wi-Fi:

With enrollment here at Hofstra comes that little card that allows you to eat and get into the dorms but that’s not all it does. Maybe you cringe every time you see that picture you took at freshman orientation but here’s a great tip to make you fall in love with your card – student discounts! You’ve all heard they exist but how often do you take advantage of them? Probably not enough but that’s just because you never realized how many there are out there. J. Crew. Banana Republic, Top Shop, Charlotte Russe, Urban Outfitters (on select dates), LOFT, and The Limited are all stores that offer a discount on merchandise for anywhere between 10%-20% off. Don’t see your favorite store listed? Don’t be afraid to ask a salesperson! This tip doesn’t just go for clothing stores but restaurants and tech stores often have special discounts for students that can all be yours with a simple question.

Happy shopping and may the savings be ever in your favor!

I'm a sophomore at Hofstra University majoring in international business and minoring in sociology and chinese language! Follow me @RachelTrotta