Hottest Spring Hair Trends of 2016

Here are eight amazing hair trends to try whether you’re looking to totally re-do your do or just freshen up your look.

Baby Highlights- Recently known as “babylights” this natural glowing look is perfect for the upcoming sunny spring weather. These are highlights with a smoother, gradual change that looks totally natural! Add instant elevation to your original hair color with thin baby highlights blended evenly throughout your head.

Ashy Blonde- The perfect ashy hair color is hard to come by. Ashy blonde dos with no roots showing are in for spring. This muted blonde shade will turn heads just as much as a blonde bombshell. Ashy platinum shades are even making a comeback.

Inky Black- An ink black do is a bold move for springtime, but done well it will look amazing. Most likely your skin is still pale from winter, so a shiny, deep black hair color will provide contrast giving a super sophisticated look. Remember, black is never boring.

Hair “Strobing”- This trend refers to the makeup term of “strobing”, or highlighting the spots on your face that the light would naturally hit, but for your hair! This coloring technique is specific to one’s hair color, skin tone, as well as face shape. Gigi Hadid looking flawless as always.

Cinnamon Swirl- This is one of the latest food-inspired hair trends of 2016. Cinnamon swirl uses warm, golden tones. Colorist Ryan Pearl of New York’s Cutler Salon created this look. It plays with the more vibrant blonde tones than a traditional ombrè.

Bright Brown- You can’t go wrong with an all over uniform brown hair color. It’s honestly so gorgeous if done right. Brighten up your brown this spring to achieve the perfect shiny look!

Pastels- The days of neon and bright hairstreaks are over. Making room for all the pretty pastels that are very spring and Easter inspired. Light pinks and purples create a pretty and delicate look.

Balayage – This hair coloring technique has been around since the 70’s, but just like many other things it’s coming back in style. Balayage is a technique where the color is applied by hand rather than using foil. This technique can be used on any hair color giving a multidimensional look, super fresh for spring. SJP is queen of this.