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Hofstra Students Describe their Moms in One Adjective

May is the time of year where we get to take the chance to stop and smell the literal roses and appreciate moms. While acknowledging how wonderful our own moms are is a year-round activity, Mother’s Day provides a fantastic opportunity for everyone to take a moment and truly reflect and feel grateful for our mothers.  We asked Hofstra students to take a moment to think about and describe their mom using one adjective.  Here’s are some of the dynamic words they chose:


“She always puts me and my siblings first and gives us everything we need and more.” – Jamie Thomas ’20



“The one word I’d use to describe my mother is inspiring. Her early life was full of hardships but she learned to rely on herself and rise above the challenges she faced. She recently has gone back to school to pursue a masters in social work and I’m so proud of her commitment to following her passions and giving back her life lessons to people.”- Blake Larson ‘20



“She’s always supporting me in a positive way.” – Ali Estey ‘21


Photo by ketan rajput on Unsplash



“She always works hard to help others before herself and is never shy about showing her emotions.  She is my hero because she is honest and good and pure.” – Rebecca Pisano ’20



“She has never seen any amount of effort as ‘too much’ nor any obstacle as ‘immovable.’ She kind of just has this confidence in all she does that even I can’t quite understand, but I love her for it.” – Andrew Grell ’19

Photo by guille pozzi on Unsplash


“I keep a quote page for all her quotes. She always has crazy quotes.”- Alexandra Johnson ‘21



“She always is there for me and always make sure I’m well fed and alive.” – Josh Fenster ‘21



“My mom is compassionate because she always asks and listens about my day and tries to help in any and every way.” – Nicole Urban ’20


Make sure you take a minute this Mother’s Day to vocalize just how much you respect and care for your mom. They will surely be moved and overjoyed.   

Maddy Oldham

Hofstra '21

Maddy Oldham is a junior with a double major in Drama and Early Childhood/Childhood Education. She is passionate about iced coffee, thrifting, music, and making people smile.
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