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Her Campus Hofstra Tells Us Their Funniest Date Stories

We all know that dating can be tough sometimes, but have you ever just laughed off a bad date? We asked Her Campus Hofstra members to tell us about their funniest dates, and we’ve got some interesting (and cringe-worthy) stories. 

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“My first date ever, I was dropped off with this guy by his MOM at the bowling alley after school. We show up and the bowling alley is closed. Not only that, but he wouldn’t TALK. Me, being who I am, filled the awkward silence with nonstop conversation. Needless to say, we dated for six months after this. It wasn’t good.”


“One time, my high school boyfriend surprised me at my summer job with a basket of food and sweets and said we were going for a picnic. It was around 4 PM, but very romantic, so of course I said yes. He drove us to my favorite park that has a hiking trail and climbing boulders, and we hiked up to my favorite spot in the park: a huge boulder that overlooks the meadow. It seemed like the perfect evening. We ate sandwiches and doughnuts and did whatever it is high schoolers do until I started to notice it was getting dark. At that point it was about 6:30, so I suggested we start hiking down the mountain because I have this thing with my eyes where my vision gets very *very* fuzzy at twilight. I thought I knew the exact way back, but forests look very different at night, especially when you can’t see. We ended up getting lost, trapped between two giant rocks in the pitch black darkness of the forest. Did I mention there were known bears and coyotes in that park and the grounds close at 7 PM for that reason? It was 8:30 by that point and I started panicking because I didn’t want to get literally attacked by a bear, so we had to call 911, who sent the park rangers, 3 squad (police) cars, and an ambulance. When they finally found us it was 10 PM and we were sitting on the ground eating the rest of the doughnuts and crying, which is probably the worst thing we could’ve done with bears around. They walked us all the way out of the woods and I ran right into my dad who looked angrier than I ever have seen before. My ex wasn’t allowed to take me out for a while after that.”


“My date and I awkwardly walked around the mall talking and shopping. Both of our moms were there, so we tried to avoid running into them!”


“His friends did the classic ‘follow us around with a funny looking mustache and hat disguise and hope they don’t notice’ thing you see in movies. It was extremely obvious since he kept telling them to go away when he thought I wasn’t looking.”


“My date picked me up in his mom’s minivan. WITH HIS MOM DRIVING. My date was 20 with no driver’s license. Turned out I liked his mom a lot more than I liked him though.”


“My now-boyfriend was over an hour late to dinner on our first date because he was watching Game of Thrones.”


“My boyfriend and I were on a double date with some friends. They forced us to go to some terrible opera in the city and made out the whole time. We told them we were going to the bathroom and ran out and grabbed pizza across the street. We don’t really talk to them anymore… good pizza though.”


“On a first date, the guy spent 30 minutes arguing with me that Narwhals were fictional creatures. He thought I was the dumb one…”


“My date told me to look nice so I spent over an hour getting ready for our date. He shows up in joggers and takes me to Popeyes. Also, he made me pay because he drove and that would ‘make it even.'”


“I was on a Tinder date with this guy at a restaurant and the waiter welcomed us back. This was our first date and I was confused and asked what he meant. The waiter then goes ‘Oh, I’m sorry, you look like someone I’ve seen here,’ and awkwardly walks away. I guess he takes a lot of blonde Tinder dates there.”

Yikes! Hopefully, their other dates have gone better than these. 

Gabby is a Video/Television student at Hofstra University. She loves comedy and hopes to write and produce her own sitcom someday.
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