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The HC Hofstra E-board Picks My Outfits For A Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Looking for the perfect fall fashion inspiration? Look no further than Her Campus at Hofstra’s E-Board! These lovely ladies have amazing wardrobes and a great sense of style. With fall now upon us, I turned to them to pick out their ideal fall outfits for myself. I let the HC Hofstra E-Board pick my outfits for an entire week! 

Monday: Abby (Co-President)

“Normally I wear booties, skinny jeans, and a sweater. Another go-to outfit is loafers, jeans, and a blouse.”

I tried to combine both descriptions Abby gave me to create the perfect look. Almost every time I see Abby she is wearing some shade of pink, typically light pink. I thought my light pink sweater was the perfect choice for this outfit. I paired it with light-wash jeans, nude flats, and simplistic gold jewelry. You could always switch out the flats for some cute booties based on the weather. Finish the look off with a brown purse!Tuesday: Madie (Vice President)

“My go-to outfit for the fall is unripped jeans, a pullover sweater (preferably army green), and white/navy blue Keds. I’ll then pair that with my Fitbit, a pretty but casual bracelet and necklace, and sunglasses on my head.”

Madie gave me a lot to work with! I don’t own a green sweater, but I wanted to incorporate green somehow, so I opted for an army green jacket instead! Underneath, I wore a basic striped t-shirt paired with dark jeans and some black sneakers. I topped the outfit off with some sunglasses and simplistic jewelry!

Wednesday: Christina (Treasurer)

“I love oversized bottoms or sweats with a cropped top and some chunky boots or sneakers. Sweatpants make me happy (lol)!”

Christina’s style may be the farthest from my own, but I loved this outfit so much! I paired a white cropped t-shirt with floral sweatpants and black sneakers. I added a black backpack and a silver necklace for some extra detail. This outfit is perfect for those warmer fall days, or when you want to find a stylish way to wear sweatpants in public!

Thursday: Maddie (Secretary)

“Normally I like to wear some kind of denim on the bottom with a neutral colored sweater. If I’m not in loafers I’m probably in booties or Vans. I almost always have tiny gold hoops.”

Maddie’s outfit is perfect for fall! I paired my favorite gray sweater with jeans and black booties. I don’t have gold hoops, so I wore a pair of gold dangles to get a similar effect. Despite not being in the description, I added a pair of sunglasses to complete the outfit!

Friday: Sarah (Co-President)

“My personal style is super feminine and girly with hints of preppy and classic trends. I love a good blue and white striped look or something girly and fun. Pearl or statement earrings are a must, same with a bell or statement sleeve!”

Luckily, I had the perfect top for this outfit. I paired a light blue and white striped top (with bell sleeves) with some classic jeans and nude flats. Like Sarah said, the pearl earrings were a must! I finished this look off with my favorite tote bag, as I often see Sarah carrying one around!

Finals Looks:

Needless to say, all of these outfits are the perfect fall fashion inspiration. The outfits represent each member’s personal style choices and preferences. Getting to experiment with styles unlike my own was a fun experience, and I hope to continue to do so! Thank you to Abby, Madie, Christina, Maddie, and Sarah for giving me such a fashionable wardrobe this week!

All original photos courtesy of Paige Strout

Paige Strout is a senior journalism major and the Vice President of Hofstra University's Her Campus chapter. Since joining her freshman year, Paige has held the positions of Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Story Editor. She aspires to be an entertainment/fashion writer and hopes to one day become a Spice Girl.