Hairstyles Inspired By Your Favorite Movie Characters

With every great movie comes great characters. And, with great characters comes great hairstyles! Why not try these awesome looks yourself! Here are a few hairstyles inspired by some of your favorite movie characters to try this week!


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Everyone loves a good Disney princess! Belle's village hairstyle is perfect for a busy school day, or just curling up with your favorite book. Wear this two-in-one style as a ponytail, or leave it half-up!

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Disney princess? How about a Disney queen! Elsa's iconic braid is perfect for any occasion— from a attending a coronation to building an ice castle! Leave it as a simple French braid, or add some texture and volume to achieve the ultimate Elsa look!

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Elsa's braid may have a run for its money! Katniss' Dutch French braid may look challenging, but the end result is worth the effort. This braid is the perfect solution for a bad hair day (and for shooting arrows)!

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Dorothy's pigtails are one of the most iconic movie hairstyles of all time. This classic look is perfect for spring! Pair this style with your cutest dress and a pair of ruby, red slippers!

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Princess Leia's space buns may be the most iconic Star Wars hairstyle, but Rey's look is just as unique! This style is perfect for a day at the gym, saving the galaxy, or if you're looking to try something different!

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You are guaranteed not to have a bad hair day with these looks! Happy styling!

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