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Hairstyles for the Beach

Ocean water, sun and chlorine – not the best mix for maintaining healthy hair. You can enjoy summer time and keep having cute hair! Here are a few hairstyles to look good while having some fun in the sun!

Messy Bun

Basic, classic, easy to maintain and totally cute. Try double messy buns for a new take on an old look.

French Braid

Get that “summer-camp” look with a French braid, or braids! An added perk, when you take it out your hair will have beachy waves and look super adorable.

Braided Front

This is the cutest look for long hair! You can leave your hair down or add it to a ponytail.


Crazy Color

Grab some Splat or Manic Panic and go crazy with a completely new look. Summer is a great excuse to do something wild and different. Bonus tip: if you only dye the tips of your hair, you can cut it off in the fall.

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