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Fun Fall Activities in NYC That Are Social-Distancing-Approved

As New York is beginning to open stores and restaurants people are now going out to enjoy their weekend instead of staying at home. However, COVID-19 is still a very big risk to the people of New York, especially if you are in the city where thousands of people live. Wearing a mask and social distancing is what helps prevent getting the virus and is what’s recommended by the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and the CDC. Don’t let the social distancing and mask prevent you from having fun with family and friends because there are some places in the City of New York that have adjusted to keep people safe. We here at HerCampus want the fall to be as fun as it would any other year so here are some fun places to visit in New York that will keep you safe:

Eating at Cafe Du Soleil

Cafe Du Soleil is a French restaurant located in the Upper West Side where they have made their outdoor dining space a new experience. The restaurant has installed dining bubbles for each of their tables which can be either opened or closed at any time. This is perfect for maintaining social distances and you wouldn’t need to wear a mask as the only people within that bubble are your friends or family. it’s even recommended to go in the evening as the lights will give the area a fantasy feel. A lover of the movie, Cinderella will definitely feel like their eating in a carriage. 

Take on Central Park

Want to get that fall feel? Visit Central Park. Central Park has always been a go-to spot and with the leaves turning orange, red and yellow it’s a perfect Instagram moment for those fall aesthetics. The park might even have mini-events happening such as live theater, a yoga class or even a scavenger hunt. Even though wearing a mask is a must when visiting Central Park it’s a big place so you won’t have a problem with social distancing and can relax while taking a stroll.

Watch a Movie at Oculus Outdoors

Oculus Outdoors is a place where you can social distance while enjoying movie nights, activities and retail pop-up stores. It’s located on Greenwich Street near the World Trade Center. You do need a reservation but there is so cost so it’s a first-come, first-serve basis. They’ll be showing movies like The Goonies and The Nightmare Before Christmas during the upcoming Halloween weekend and will have food and beverage delivery options. So if you’re into something that’s a bit more chill, the Oculus Plaza is the place to be.

Read a Book at Kinokuniya

Kinokuniya is a bookstore that sells a collection of Asian books & magazines, DVDs and stationery. Its located in Midtown and enforces wearing masks and social distancing by limiting capacity inside the store. Here, you can take your time and look at the cute Japanese stationery or even purchase some manga in English or Japanese.

See the Nature of Color

The American Museum of Natural History has opened a new exhibit on March 9th called The Nature of Color. You can buy tickets online and make a reservation for a specific time which helps keep the museum at a certain capacity so people inside and maintain a safe distance. However, tickets to The American Museum of Natural History are $23 for general admission so make sure you have enough money. This exhibit perfect for colorful Instagram moments and you can read some history about colors and what it tells us about the world.

New York City is still a bustling place as people continue their lives. The COVID virus should not keep people from going outside and hanging out with family and friends. As long as you follow the regulations and safety precautions of what Governor Cuomo and the CDC have listed you and the people surrounding you can stay safe while having fun. 

Ashley is a Senior at Hofstra University studying Journalism with a minor in Publishing Studies. She hopes to pursue her dreams of becoming a Book Editor at one of the Big Five (soon to be four). Her hobbies include swimming, reading, writing, binge-watching and listening to music. Ashley is now focusing on her degree to graduate in the spring of 2022 and looking for jobs or internships for the summer.
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