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Now that spring break is finally here, it’s time to relax and unwind after the countless midterms and assignments. As a college student, finding time to sit down and read is often difficult but with a week off from school the opportunity to do so has never been easier. Whether you’re away on vacation or relaxing at home, here are five books that you may want to give a try while on break.

1. Happy place by emily henry

First on the list is a book that is sure to make anyone feel like they’re on vacation. This romantic comedy based novel revolves around a group of friends as they spend a summer together in a little Maine cottage, the go to summer retreat for the last ten years. Immediately, tensions begin to rise as ex couple Wyn and Harriet pretend to still be in a relationship in order to keep up the positive vibes surrounding the vacation. Filled with nostalgia and emotions, The Happy Place beautifully depicts the dynamic between all the friends while equally focusing on the drama in Wyn and Harriet’s relationship. The spotlight placed on this novel by BookTok is no surprise considering its ability to tackle deeper topics, while still maintaining the light and cheery feeling felt when first engaging with the story.

2. The unhoneymooners by christina lauren

Next up is another rom-com story that focuses on the misadventures of Olive Torres. At her twin sister’s wedding, everyone comes down with a bad case of food poisoning – including the bride and groom. Luckily for Olive, she’s allergic to seafood. Considering how unlucky she is though, it’s no surprise that her longtime nemesis Ethan Thomas also happened to have avoided the food. With everyone ill, there is now a free honeymoon up for grabs and unwilling to let him enjoy this opportunity on his own, Olive accompanies Ethan on a trip to Hawaii. In the end, you’ll find yourself becoming invested in the blossoming relationship between Ethan and Olive, because who doesn’t love a good enemies to lovers trope?

3. One true loves by taylor jenkins reid

Well known and popular book One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid follows the life of Emma Blair, a young woman whose husband suddenly goes missing in a helicopter crash. Not long after, Emma becomes engaged to her best friend Sam, and for once she feels like she may have a second shot at happiness. This all suddenly comes crashing down as her missing husband of four years comes back into her life. This story explores themes of identity and love, while also exploring tropes such as high school romance, unrequited love, and a love triangle.


If you’re looking for something other than romance to read, then look no further. This novel follows the story of Jess Hadley as she makes her way to Paris to leave her old life behind in England. Upon her arrival, she receives a strange voice message from her brother Ben, a journalist in Paris that reluctantly offers her a place to stay. Her visit takes a drastic turn as she soon discovers that her brother is now missing and every neighbor is a potential suspect. The book provides readers with dark and menacing themes typically found in a psychological thriller book, while also exploring how loyalties falter when individual’s are exploited for wealth and protection. This story will provide you with both suspense and mystery, perfect for those searching for something different to read.

5. Malibu rising by taylor jenkins reid

Based on a fictitious famous family living in the 1980’s, Malibu Rising brings awareness to sibling relationships and the strength of perseverance in the face of hardship. As a reader of this novel, you will quickly sense the hardships that protagonist Nina Riva has gone through, considering her husband’s abandonment. Nina alongside her three siblings come together and throw a massive end of summer party that shapes their lives forever, becoming a night of secrets. Ultimately, the novel is about finding yourself and learning that the past doesn’t define you.

With the weather finally warming up, what better way to spend your time than by reading a book? Each novel listed has its own varying themes and messages, but each one is sure to entertain anyone in their own unique way. Happy reading!

Nicole Gerena

Hofstra '25

Nicole is a junior at Hofstra University with a major in psychology and minors in cognitive science and journalism. She loves reading, writing, Lana Del Rey and the show Friends!